Crafting digital excellence

Director Magazine interviews Michele Moretti and Francesco Moretti


Director Magazine, the official British magazine of the Institute of Directors, features a full-length interview with Michele and Francesco Moretti, our CEO and Deputy CEO in its May issue.

Michele and Francesco Moretti outline the company’s history and its ambitions for the future with an eye on foreign expansion and technology scouting. They also provide an insightful overview of the Group’s offering for the UK market – which goes through digital transformation - explaining the company’s ‘Made in Italy’ IT service in Smart Shore.

“We apply the same attention to detail, complete customisation and careful tailoring of Italian craftsmanship to designing and developing our clients’ platforms to their specific needs” says Michele Moretti.

Francesco Moretti comments: “Digital transformation is going to continue to be a hot topic across all sectors. Businesses that fail to keep the pace with digitalisation seriously risk losing competitiveness and at the same time more and more purely-digital businesses continue to be formed and to push out traditional business models.”

Crafting digital excellence