Fincons Group to showcase cutting edge launches at NAB 2018

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Fincons Group will be exhibiting at NAB 2018 to showcase its successful deployment of projects within the OTT space and its recent achievements coming from research and innovation initiatives.

A first significant example is the MPAT project, a multi-platform application toolkit that provides seamless HbbTV application development, enabling businesses to develop interactive on-demand services and advertising within a live TV omni-channel viewing experience.

A great number of other disruptive applications are under development by Fincons, combining the potential of both convergence and AI and driven by a market which is clamouring for new ways to engage end users. Content4All, deserves a mention, as this is a Research and Innovation initiative which received a significant grant from the European Union and acknowledgment by Gartner. The solution leverages HbbTV and AI technology with the aim of making TV more inclusive towards the hearing impaired.

Another innovative project that achieved a nod from Gartner is the co-creation with Sky of a digital commerce software platform called Commerce4Media that: ‘realizes the needs for a pricing model personalisation of Sky’s Online video service (Market Insight: Five Emerging Digital Business Models for TSPs, 7th September 2017).

Fincons Group to showcase cutting edge launches at NAB 2018

Nab Show 2018Nab Show 2018

Fincons Group  exhibited  at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (NV) April 9-12, as well as participating in a full schedule of speeches and events.