Getting to the edge of innovation

Ticino Management 

In the December issue of Ticino Management, a monthly magazine focused on economics, finance and culture - a point of reference for Ticino's economic operators - Michele Moretti and Francesco Moretti, CEO and Deputy CEO Fincons Group, and Oliver Botti, Head of International Business Development and Innovation are featured in an in-depth interview about innovation and research & development.

The interview reveals the huge value of research & development, which constitutes the real competitive advantage of Fincons. As showcased by numerous international projects, the Group has based its growth on innovation, skills and new technologies, believing in talents and in collaborating with prestigious research institutes and universities. The interview shows how the highly innovative vision of the Group has allowed Fincons to grow, take business abroad and be a leading provider on an international scale.

Michele Moretti: "This is precisely one of the advantages of having an active 'ownership' and always being involved in what is happening within the Group. This also means that quick changes can be made to alter organizational structure where needed - keeping us as flexible as a company with a few tens of employees".

Francesco Moretti: "We are evaluating the possibility of a listing in London, if we went ahead with this we would be in a position to finance more research and grow faster through the acquisition of start-ups and small companies in strategic foreign markets".

Oliver Botti: "It is the proximity to the research market that allows us to anticipate its needs by drawing up a list of priorities, so as to guarantee that we are ready for when the customer turns to us”.

Getting to the edge of innovation