Destination: Digital transformation

Insurance Day 

The August issue of Insurance Day features an in-depth interview with Marcello Finocchiaro, CIO at ITAS Insurance, who explains how a partnership with Fincons Group has enabled the company to carry out a complete journey to digital transformation. As the Group became one of the top Italian insurers it was clear that their legacy IT systems needed to be radically overhauled, and the solutions provided by Fincons were key to achieving this.

Mr Finocchiaro explains: “Fincons are the ideal partner for an end-to-end digital transformation project as they have all the skills and relevant experience to handle both legacy systems and cutting-edge innovation. As a matter of fact, they often act as technology brokers, introducing us to new solutions and possible partner organisations”.

Alongside the case study is an interview with Giuliano Altamura, Financial Services Business Unit Manager of Fincons Group, who discusses recent digital developments in the insurance market. Mr Altamura discusses the ongoing move from selling single policies to providing all round cover tailored to the customer’s needs, he also discusses obstacles to digital transformation and advises on the technology insurers should look to invest in. 

Destination: Digital transformation