The Associated Press interviewed at NAB Show 2018

Video interview 

AP’s CTO Gianluca D’Aniello describes how the partnership with Fincons helps face the challenge of disrupted news cycles.

Mr D’Aniello talks about the changing news distribution cycle and the challenges posed by social media and user generated content and explains that the partnership with an experienced systems integrator with a solid understanding of the sector is critical to help them face this changing landscape. Fincons Group is the ideal partner bringing a host of experience from the media sector to AP as they transition to a more sophisticated content delivery model which responds to customer demand, but also, critically, dictates a new, more flexible business model.

Fincons Group, called on to assist AP with digital content distribution, is contributing in-depth vertical sector knowledge.

The Associated Press interviewed at NAB Show 2018

Nab Show 2018Nab Show 2018

Fincons Group  exhibited  at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (NV) April 9-12, as well as participating in a full schedule of speeches and events.