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Fincons Group is one of the companies chosen for «The Digital Transformation» project, a series of filmed thought leadership interviews realized by The Telegraph’s Business Reporter.


The “Media & Entertainment” market continues to be disrupted by global online competition.
Broadcasters need to develop a culture of anticipation and responsiveness to technological advances and to find ways to predict and react quickly to alterations in the consumption habits of their audiences.

Innovation is key. Technologies like AI and machine learning, conversational UX, IoT, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain etc. facilitate tailored offerings and provide a means for: unbundling and personalization in both content and pricing, new user experiences with new content formats, and advertising models such as interactive, addressable, programmatic, and media embedded merchandising.

What should broadcasters focus on in the near future?

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The interviewee

Oliver Botti - As Head of International Business Development and Innovation, Oliver is in charge of developing international markets as also portfolio innovation through R&D initiatives. In the Media sector specifically, he is involved in multiscreen video distribution, multimodal UX design, Interactive TV, Addressable TV Advertising, IoT, VR/AR, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, applied to OTT and to Audience Segmentation and UX Personalization. He is also UK Territory Manager.




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