Legality Rating

A Further Step Toward an Increasingly Transparent Business

As proof of our constant attention to social responsibility policies and moral fibre, Fincons has requested and obtained its Legality Rating: a voluntary choice for businesses that wants to demonstrate their commitment when it comes to legality, ethics, and transparency of conduct.

The Legality Rating is a certificate issued by AGCM, the Italian Market and Competition Authority, that after carrying out the assessments, has awarded Fincons with a score of 2 stars ++, out of a maximum of 3 stars.

The Legality Rating guarantees that Fincons and its administrators:

  • Do not have any preventive measures and convictions for administrative offences, defaults relating to safety in the workplace, nor measures relating to corruption.

Specifically, the company:

  • Has adopted an organizational structure to control compliance pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001
  • Adopts organizational models to prevent and fight corruption
  • Adopts payment traceability and cash management systems within the terms established by law
  • Has adopted a code of ethics
  • It is also engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility projects to improve its impact on society and the environment.

That’s a further step that shows our stakeholders the same commitment that define us for more than 38 years.


Fincons Group - UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification
Code word: quality

Quality has always been one of the frontline requirements for Fincons Group

ISO 27001 Certification
ISO 27001 Certification

Data and information are strategic assets that need to be protected and preserved.

Legality Rating
Legality Rating

A Further Step Toward an Increasingly Transparent Business

Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics

We believe in honesty, loyalty, and collaboration

Fincons Group - ISO 14001 Certification
ISO 14001 Certification

A greener world: our policies for the environment

Fincons Group - ISO 45001 Certification
ISO 45001 Certification

People at the heart: policies for occupational health and safety

Fincons Group - ISO 14064 Certification
ISO 14064 Certification

Fighting greenhouse gases

Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy
Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy

Our commitment to avoid any form of discrimination