Giuliano Altamura

Head of Financial Services BU, Head of Fast Data Lake Product Center

Giuliano Altamura, Computer Science Engineer since 1995, joined Fincons Group in 2004, starting as a Project Manager on some business critical projects at some important Banking clients in the Lugano, Switzerland area (Banca del Gottardo, Cornèr Banca, Aduno, BSI), by exploiting his strong technological, functional, and process competencies, in addition to his recognized managing talent.

Together with activities on projects, he also more and more supported Lugano office management in administering clients, projects, and resources, contributing in setting up a strong team of professionals specialized in the Banking area, occupying by May 2009 the role of Executive in the Lugano Office.

Since October, 2011, he took the responsibility of the Financial Services Business Unit, with the purpose of developing business at Group level in the Banking and Insurance areas.

Before joining Fincons Group, he had been working for almost nine years for Accenture, in the Financial Services market unit, gaining a strong specialization on technological subjects such as integration architectures, multi-channel architectures, development of applications for the web and for Call Centers, mainly working on CRM projects both in banking and in insurance areas. In his career, he collaborated to important high-critical projects for primary clients such as Agip, Comune di Milano, Banca Mediolanum, SAI Assicurazioni, Banca SAI, Banca Intesa, Banca Primavera, AXA Assicurazioni, Capitalia.