Giuliano Altamura

General Manager of Fincons Consulting Limited
Global FSI BU General Manager

After graduating in Computer Science Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 1995, Giuliano Altamura starts his career as a Financial Services Consultant, gaining solid experience on tech topics such as integration architecture, multichannel architecture, web and call center application development, dealing with gradually increasing responsibilities within projects for major banking and insurance customers.

He joins Fincons Group in 2004, where he initially holds the role of Senior Account and Project Manager on business critical projects, working with important Banking clients in the Lugano area, making use of his strong tech, functional and process skills, as well as his recognised managerial skills.

Since 2009, in addition to his consultancy activity, he has been appointed to the role of Executive in the Lugano office, with responsibility over managing projects, customers and resources, helping to create a close-knit and competent team of professionals specialised in the Banking area.

Since October 2011 he has also been leading the Financial Services Business Unit, with the purpose of developing and managing the business in the Banking and Insurance areas at group level; under his leadership, the Unit has experienced significant growth, becoming the most developed and profitable within the Group and laying strong foundations for international development.

As of 2022 he is also responsible for Fincons in the UK, as General Manager of Fincons Consulting Limited: a strategic and decisive role in the innovation and internationalisation process undertaken by the Group.