Matteo Villa

General Manager Global BU IIR & Director of Jaggaer Competence Center

After graduating in Computer Engineering at Milan Polytecnic in 1998, Matteo Villa began his career in some of the leading consulting companies where he covered the roles of Project Manager and Business Development Manager.

He was in charge of coordinating national and European R&D projects, managing business relationships with technological partners, research organizations, international institutions and the European Commission. Matteo also managed consultancy activities for the European Commission.

In 2013 Matteo joined Fincons Group as Business Development Senior Manager, developing consultancy services for the European Commission and its agencies and for international institutions including the UN. Matteo also manages Industry 4.0 R&D and projects funded by 2020 Horizon Programme.

In Fincons Matteo has grown even further professionally and was appointed Global General Manager for the International Institutions and Research BU in 2020. He is also in charge of a Competence Center for the Jagger platform. Matteo coordinates consultancy activities at European level, innovation on emerging technologies and cutting-edge projects, expansion of the Group offering in the e-Procurement field, contributing to the realization of Fincons’ international strategy.