Pietro Porta

General Manager Territory Rome

After obtaining a high school diploma in computer science in 1979, Pietro Porta decided to enter the world of work starting his career in Enel with the role of programmer. In Enel he grew professionally, taking positions of ever greater responsibility and became Project Manager in 1988.

In 1989 he joined Dow Chemical, an international company of industrial chemistry, as Project Manager for several business projects. In 1990 he held the same role within the insurance company RAS - Allianz Group.

In 1991 he returned to Enel, after a path of Project Manager on challenging and technologically innovative national projects, where he was in charge of the staff’s structure for development applications and then Responsible of purchase for ICT services, reporting to Purchasing Director, until 2001.

Until 2003 he was General Manager in a software house operating in the financial services sector. Subsequently he was Responsible for BU Energy & Utilities in B.E.E. NewTech S.p.A. (formerly Praxis Calcolo S.p.A.).

In 2011 he joined Fincons Group where, within BU Energy & Utilities, he managed several accounting activities for clients of great dimensions.

From 2019 he has become Territory Manager for Rome office, coordinating commercial activities, supervising the delivery and managing resources assigned on the territory. He actually holds the role of General Manager Territory Rome.