We want to contribute to the global transformation taking place today with our skills, independence, and our ethics of fairness and managerial transparency.

From Shareholders to Stakeholders

Fincons is not only interested in the future of its clients, but also of its people, of local communities and the future of the whole planet. We believe that generating value for our shareholders cannot be separated from generating shared value and a positive impact on the stakeholder community.

Environment, social policies and the ethical values of fairness and transparency are the foundations of our company Mission. These values are written in the DNA of Fincons’ story, a story of Italian entrepreneurship.

Ours is the story of an Italian entrepreneur whose heart is firmly anchored to his country, but with an international vision. This vision has brought the country value and employment and delivered innovation to clients. Relationships with the latter have in fact been extremely long lasting.



Serving a social purpose

Fincons has always supported international NGOs and associations in social sustainability initiatives for health, families, sport and education.

Drawing a more sustainable future

Sustainability Booklet