The Group stands out for its interest and engagement with the Arts.

At Fincons Group we believe in bringing out the best in people and making the most of their talent. We approach art in its various forms on the basis of this premise, identifying in the theatre an effective expression of the human soul and of culture.

In 2011 ​​Anna Maria Delzotti, theatre director and literature tutor with over twenty years’ experience in the field of didactic theatrical laboratories, created the FinconsTekne Theatre Laboratory within Fincons Group. This innovative artistic project is perfectly in line with the vision of her husband Michele Moretti, CEO and founder of the Group, as well as patron of the initiative.

The theatre offers Fincons employees the opportunity to share a training path of human development, while acquiring skills that are professionally useful.

Initially rolled out at the Fincons’ Vimercate headquarters, the laboratory was enriched with new actors and its creative force also engaged the Bari employees leading to the establishment of a second theatre company in 2019. Over the years, popular theatrical performances that have attracted the attention of both an internal audience and Fincons' customers, partners and friends, have been staged. Currently, in spite of the difficulties posed by the pandemic, both companies are continuing their activities digitally with Vimercate working on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Bari on Sophocles’ “Antigone”.

"FinconsTekne" is the result of the encounter between the world of art and the world of IT, an expression of the values ​​ Fincons Group firmly believes in: commitment, passion, respect and empathy.

The FinconsTekne theatre lab idea derives from the need to urgently relate stories because…human lives need and deserve to be narrated. And what method, if not the theatre, could best enable the development of a chain of thoughts, ideas, desires and dreams?

Anna Maria Delzotti Moretti

Anna Maria Delzotti Moretti

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