Fincons Group supports education in Africa

We end 2019 with an important social initiative to support the people of Senegal.

In October the Group officially began building a school and recruiting staff and school supplies for Pire, a rural village in the Pambal arrondissement in Senegal.

The project started in 2017 and is aimed at promoting education for children.

“We want education to stop being a privilege for the few and to become a right for all children in Senegal too.” Declared Michele Moretti, CEO of Fincons Group, “Primary education is the most powerful tool to help Africa develop and grow”.

The Group is rebuilding the local school and providing supplies “Schooling means much more than just teaching maths and writing…A school is highly valuable asset to poorer communities because it promotes social, cultural and economic growth while laying the foundations for a better future for children and for the whole village.” confirms Francesco Moretti, Fincons Group Deputy CEO.

This initiative is part of the Group’s wider CSR efforts to favour the development and improvement of people and the social environments they live in.

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