Training courses with Bari Polytechnic University and the University of Bari

The relationship between Fincons Group, Bari Polytechnic University and the University of Bari continues to go from strength to strength.

In May 2019 the Digital Transformation Excellence Development course was extremely popular. The course was developed for the top performers in IT Engineering and Management Engineering at Bari Polytechnic University. Fincons provided a series of training speakers specialised in Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data in Insurance who delivered insights from their experience on important research projects with large clients. After this experience, three of the attending students selected Fincons asking for internships.

During September 2019, the Group took part in the 35th cycle of Ph.D. Research in Computer Science and Mathematics at UniBA in the role of technical experts and member of the Technical Committee for oral examinations and as tutors supporting Marco Saltarella from our Bari Delivery Center. The latter was admitted to a Ph.D starting in October focusing on Usable Security.

The operational experience Fincons has acquired on these innovative technologies enables the Group to continue to position itself as a key player enabling the integration between industry, consultancy and academia. This is how we contribute to guaranteeing an excellent development process for brilliant young minds that want to satisfy their ambition to tackle the challenges posed by innovation and digital transformation with Fincons Group.

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