The Fincons Forest

1750 trees to fight climate change and help African communities.

To celebrate World Environment Day, in June 2021 Fincons has planted 1750 new trees in Africa, one for each employee, bringing the Fincons Forest to life.

The forest is made of 13 tree species that respect biodiversity and the environment in Africa, a continent which we feel very close by thanks to different charity projects we are carrying on. Our trees are located in Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania and Madagascar: four different countries to foster biodiversity and help more communities, while fighting climate change and helping out the planet.

Planting trees means contributing to build new agroforestry systems. Trees can restore a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, enriching local people’s diet with their fruits, protecting the coasts, purifying water and giving shelter to insects and animals. Moreover, our forest allows us to pursue 10 out of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Our trees respect seasonality and biodiversity of the different regions, chosen according to annual project plans. They absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, but not only: all our trees are planted by local farmers that look after them and that can eat or sell their fruits, creating more work for local communities.


Each tree is geolocated and photographed for its whole life, to discover more about the agroforestry projects in which every tree is involved and the stories behind the people that look after them. These are our “green sentries” in the world, that allow us to save up to 486.000 kg of CO2 in the next 10 years: according to the EPA - United States Environment Protection Agency, that’s the equivalent of the emissions produced by 106 cars!


This project has been realized together with Treedom, the first web platform that plants trees and let everyone follow their story online. Thanks to this innovative business model, since 2014 Treedom is part of the Certified B Corporations, the network of companies that stand out for their environmental and social commitment.

To make the difference, one tree at a time