Fincons for Senegal

It has been several years that Fincons Group has personally been committed to supplying social and medical assistance and direct help where it is necessary the most.

In October, the Group officially started the building of a school and the supplying of personnel and educational materials for the Municipality of Pire, a rural village part of the Pambal arrondissement in Senegal.

Fincons strongly believes in the importance of education and child well-being for the autonomy and progress of African countries:  “We want that education ceases to be a privilege for a few and becomes a right for all children” -  says Michele Moretti, CEO of Fincons Group - “Children’s education is the most powerful tool to obtain development and growth in the African Countries”.

A school has an immense value for the poorest communities because it promotes the social, cultural and economical development of families, setting up the foundations for a better future, for the young ones as well as for the other inhabitants of the whole village” says Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO of Fincons Group.

The initiative is part of a much broader project in favor of the municipality of Pire. The support from Fincons has, in the years, allowed the purchase of medical equipment (echographer, birthing beds, electrocardiograph) and various supplies for the health centre and the out-patient departments of this region.