Shaping a better future for developing countries

The relationship we established with the village of Pire Goureye in Senegal is one of a kind. Almost 10 years in which we shared successes and struggles with the aim to tackle important issues that block the healthy development of a beautiful country. 

Senegal is the westernmost country of Africa, a presidential republic with over 15 mio population. Apart from the capital city Dakar and other exceptions on the coast, the country is driven by the rural area in the inland, where agriculture is the dominant activity: it occupies 75% of workforce and most of child labour. One of the main obstacles to Senegal economic development is the weak education sector. Indeed schooling rate is stationary at 60%


Pire Goureye is a rural village in the Pambal arrondissement in Senegal. Our close relationship took root by chance: we got interested in the fate of Senegal thanks to a personal commitment of our CEO, Michele Moretti, and his interest toward developing countries. When we first decided to directly help the African village without other partners or NGOs, it seemed to be a madness. Today, however, we've established fluid processes that let us keep fighting burning issues of the country, such as schooling and healthcare.  



When we had the chance to make the difference in this country, we decided to focus on what seemed to be one of the most critical areas: healthcare. The hospital in Pire Goureye area is one of only a few inland and lacked most life-saving equipment. Our series of donations began in 2012: we bought and shipped different medical equipment such as echographers, birthing beds, electrocardiographs and other supplies for the health centre and the out-patient departments of this region. And with new equipment came new jobs: with new electrocardiographs, the hospital had to train new nurses to use them. Thanks to further periodic donations during the years, it has also been possible to recondition an apartment near the hospital where, as of today, the hospital gives accommodation to these new, specialized nurses.

Contacts with Pire Goureye hospitals went on till recent times: in 2019 we helped fix the hospital roof, worn out by the monsoon season. In 2021 we supported the construction of a new maternity ward to provide the needed care for women during pregnancy and childbirth as well as for newborn infants.


Every boy and every girl should be able to go to school, or at least that is how it should be. In 2017 we decided to take on a project that could really tackle the issue of Senegal’s low schooling rate: building a school.

The contract was comprehensive of 3 phases: building the structure; painting and electrical fixtures; school furniture and materials.


We want education to stop being a privilege for the few and to become a right for all children in Senegal too. Primary education is the most powerful tool to help Africa develop and grow.

Michele Moretti, CEO of Fincons Group

Schooling means much more than just teaching maths and writing. A school is a highly valuable asset to poorer communities because it promotes social, cultural and economic growth while laying the foundations for a better future for children and for the whole village.

Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO of the Group


In October 2020 we renewed our commitment to continuing with the project by unlocking the budget required for phase 2.

In April 2021, our school is almost complete: a solid structure made of reinforced concrete, one of the few in the area, with wide spaces for the classes. The building is located inside a sunny yard in the countryside, and it will welcome middle school students aged 12 to 16: that’s a sensitive age, because data shows that after primary school students number drops considerably.

The last phase of the project will be completed by 2021, and the school is going to be inaugurated in the first months of 2022.


The more we go on with the project, the more we understand how education and healthcare is essential for the development of the human being. And we are determined to do our part to help bolster human rights and fundamental liberties for everyone.