The Group stands out for its interest and engagement with the Arts.

Art plays a critical role in the everyday working life of the company because we care about our people as human beings. For this reason, we accompany them in their personal development as well as their professional growth. In 2011 an important artistic project was developed as designed by the wife of Michele Moretti, Fincons Group CEO, Anna Maria Delzotti. 

On the basis of over twenty years’ experience in theatre lab activity she founded the FinconsTekne Theatre Lab, an initiative that provides our staff with the opportunity to share artistic experiences.

Over the last few years we have driven various initiatives for the promotion of the Arts ranging from planning cultural events to sponsoring theatre research labs for adolescents (the ETNO project), to staging high social value theatre shows (the SALT project).

The FinconsTekne theatre lab idea derives from the need to urgently relate stories because…human lives need and deserve to be narrated. And what method, if not the theatre, could best enable the development of a chain of thoughts, ideas, desires and dreams?