Theatrical Performance “Verso…il…Mare”– November 2012

On November 30th 2012, the cast of actors performed “Verso…il…Mare” at Teatro Oreno in Vimercate (Milan), a preview of the full performance, during which the actors got to meet  the public for the first time and spectators could be aware of the importance of the theatrical research.

Even though this was only the first part of a longer path, the performance immediately got the public deeply involved.
The emotions and the general consensus, come out from the show, confirmed the quality of the concept at the base of the initiative: if they are appraised within the right climate, people can
be inspired to develop their knowledge and skills by following their own inclinations and desires and
training their memories and willpower.

“Simply defining ‘experience’ what starts out and rings around ‘Theatre world’ is definitely reducing…
It seems like a genuine research of knowledge and a personal completion in relation to our
travel companions.”

Anna Maria Delzotti.