Fincons Spa

Where passion and talent meet in typical Italian tradition

Fincons Group’s story starts in 1983 with the foundation of the Group’s first Milanese company, which today had become one of the leading business consulting companies in Italy and abroad. Fincons’ growth over the years has been marked, on the one hand, by the strengthening of the corporate structure through mergers between the various Group companies in Italy, and on the other, by the acquisition of increasing experiences, technological and business skills, which have allowed Fincons to forge partnerships with important client companies.

In 2008, the foundation of the Bari Delivery Center, and of the Group's innovative Smart-Shore model, allowed the company to further consolidate its business in Italy, to expand into Europe and the world. In addition to the Milan and Bari offices, with its Operative Hubs in Catania, Trento, Lecce, Naples, Bisceglie, Bolzano and Rende, Fincons has offices in Verona and Rome.

As we’ve grown, we have never stopped imagining the future with passion and skill. We do this beside our customers and partners by integrating strategy with technology, to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow's markets.