Fincons.US INC

A new world of digital

The New York and Los Angeles offices, opened in 2017, and the most recent Austin office opened in 2021, carry Fincons’ distinguishing skills and solutions overseas, outside the European market. They respond to the needs of an increasingly competitive digital world, while also acquiring the innovations of a cutting-edge market such as the US, in the process.

Our US offices are located in the largest broadcast market in the world to provide innovative solutions to the Media and Publishing sectors, offering a revolutionary approach to Rights Management, a re-imagined Content Supply Chain with multi-country metadata management, newest developments in ATSC3.0 Broadcast Apps developed with major broadcasters, watermarking to reach a wider audience and to help NextGen TV to scale over CTVs and Set-top-boxes, cross-platform targeted Advertising and Attribution Models, personalized OTT services.

Another key business sector is Financial Services, where the Group supports Banks and Insurers along their digital transformation journeys by providing innovative solutions to thrive in their markets.

The Group is also poised to bring its vertical skills to strategic sectors such as Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, International Institutions and others to the US.

In 2024, Fincons US has acquired 100% of the assets of PDG Consulting LLC, an IT, business intelligence and digital transformation company specialized in the Media & Entertainment sector based in Los Angeles and with an offshore office in Mumbai (India). The skill and experience of PDG Consulting’s professionals have complemented the Fincons team in the United States, consolidating the expansion process across various target sectors.