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Entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to our clients, competence, determination and independence have guided Fincons through more than 35 years of uninterrupted long-term growth.

Initially a software house, Fincons Group has evolved and become one of the leading Italian players in international business consulting and system integration in support of technological and digital transformation.

Skill in guiding businesses through their innovation processes, leveraging an empathetic approach and an attitude for teamwork, has always rewarded Fincons with client loyalty and satisfaction. In addition to this, ongoing experience in the field has enabled Fincons to acquire increasing knowledge and awareness over business processes, thus developing the skills required to offer customised solutions that are tailored to the needs of the specific client or market segment.

Our innovation efforts have developed, and continue to develop across all business areas with the objective of embracing potential innovation- both in technologies and in processes. Our scouting of enabling technologies is aimed at satisfying, and often anticipating, clients’ innovation requirements.

Fincons’ growth is not just focused on profit objectives but is grounded on human and qualitative values so as to ensure long term growth.

These are the expression of a wider perspective that includes tangible and intangible assets that each project or partnership can bring to the community as well as final results.

Michele Moretti Michele Moretti


Michele Moretti is Fincons Group’s founder and CEO. An engineer, originally from Bari, Michele Moretti is a charismatic entrepreneur with a long-term vision who is able to unite teams of highly capable like-minded managers.

His beliefs are traditional: the importance of roots, of family and of being passionate about what you do.

Flexibility, pragmatism, ties to the community and direct relationships with clients are Michele Moretti’s guiding principles and they feature prominently in Fincons Group’s exponential growth.

As a result, under his leadership, Fincons Group has today become an established and recognized multinational in the field of IT.

Francesco Moretti Francesco Moretti

Deputy CEO and CEO of the international offices

Francesco Moretti began to experience the entrepreneurial reality of the family business during his university studies in Management Engineering participating, alongside his father Michele Moretti, in the growth and expansion of the Group. After graduating, he did an internship at Essroc (Italcementi Group) in Pennsylvania, USA.

Upon his return to Italy in 2007, he decided to devote his skills to Fincons Group where he took on various roles over the years, until becoming Deputy CEO in 2013. In this role, he worked alongside the CEO in defining the strategic direction of the company with a particular focus on aspects related to internationalisation, personally following the opening of the Group's international offices and coordinating business development.

Franco Cammarota Franco Cammarota


After graduating in Economics and Business, Franco Cammarota began his career as a University Professor.

Between 1980 and 1995 he held the position of Associate Professor at the UET (Université Européenne du Travail) in Brussels, where he is now Managing Director.

Franco Cammarota was awarded the honorary title of Grand Official of the Italian Republic and holds positions of responsibility in numerous national and international organisations.

He has held the position of President of the Board of Directors at Fincons Group and has been a shareholder since 1995.

Agostino Panzeri Agostino Panzeri


Agostino Panzeri is one of the founding members of Consòr (the first company in the Group) and directly manages important clients in the Group’s portfolio while also overseeing the evolution of some specific proprietary packages.

Over the years, he has contributed to developing solutions mainly focused on warehousing, purchasing, credit management and human resources.

Prior to joining the company, Agostino Panzeri held various key roles in different markets thus developing his skills in the analysis and development of information systems. He now lends his knowledge and valuable background to the Group and its staff.

Marco Ravelli Marco Ravelli


Marco Ravelli’s professional career began in Switzerland, in Lugano in the IT department of the Gotthard-Bank. Here, he held increasingly senior positions and acquired skills in analysis and in the implementation of external packages in accounting, controlling and human resources management.

He joined Fincons Group in 1998, initially in the role of Product Manager, then later as technical Manager for SERIN and in 2004 became Vice President of the SERIN Group.

He currently holds the position of Switzerland General Manager and is a member of the board of directors.