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Billing for ESCos: new solutions for emerging players

Billing for ESCos: new solutions for emerging players

Times are changing – and so is the Energy & Utilities sector. Environmental goals, energy savings and prices fluctuation have impacted all actors in this sector – from energy services providers to energy-intensive companies and private citizens. 
In this landscape, a new player has emerged: Energy Service Companies, or ESCos, that provide energy services to final energy users, including the supply and installations of energy efficient equipment, and/or building refurbishment. What separates ESCOs from traditional energy consultants or equipment suppliers is the fact that they can also finance or arrange financing for operations and their remuneration is directly connected to the energy savings achieved.[1]
New necessities and new players inevitably create the need for new solutions that are able to adapt to emerging challenges.

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The Energy and utilities sector has seen several changes both in terms of players and priorities. These call for innovations, also in the billing space.

ESCos: what are Energy Service Companies?

ESCos, as their name suggests, are companies that offer energy-related consultancy services, which can include implementing energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects, in particular to energy-intensive companies. ESCos guarantee energy savings and/or provision of the same level of energy service at lower cost. A performance guarantee can take several forms: it can revolve around the actual energy savings from a project, it can stipulate that energy savings will be sufficient to repay monthly debt service costs, or that the same level of energy service is provided more cheaply. Therefore the remuneration of ESCos is directly tied to the energy savings achieved, and they accept some degree of risk for the achievement of improved energy efficiency in a user’s facility and have their payment for the services delivered based (either in whole or at least in part) on the achievement of those energy efficiency improvements.[2]

ESCos, reliable partners of energy-intensive companies in managing complex contracts

As mentioned above, ESCos’ services are mainly targeted towards energy-intensive companies. In Italy, there are about 3,100 energy-intesive companies, that are mainly large and distributed principally across in the manufacturing sector, specifically in the steel, paper and also food industries.[3] These companies share a unique set of needs, especially when it comes to meeting environmental and energy efficiency goals and saving on energy consumption and costs. 

As a result, ESCos typically deal with extremely complex custom contracts that are based on energy consumption profiles and specific production timelines that cover the unique KPIs set by the clients. In addition, as ESCos are usually renumerated based on performance, the billing process becomes extremely important and every detail counts. 

Fincons’ youtiverse: contract management and billing made easy

Fincons Group’s youtiverse is the disruptive solution developed to meet real market needs and to innovate metering, billing and credit processes for the sale and distribution of electricity, gas, water and other value-added services, significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX. This Cloud-based solution relies on Fincons’ Open Innovation platform and has proven to be flexible, interoperable and easily integrated with other systems already in use. youtiverse, that can be tailored to several business processes, provides business users with full visibility and enables first-hand data and rules management, significantly reducing management costs.

Within its youtiverse, Fincons recently added a billing module specifically designed to meet ESCos’ need to be supported in the active invoicing process. This innovative billing module was specifically designed to make the invoicing process faster and easier for ESCos, taking into account all variables of complex contracts, including KPIs and incentives that are unique to each energy-intensive company, reducing the potential for mistakes and optimising overall processes.

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