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More efficiency and savings with an Energy&Utilities Virtual Clerk

More efficiency and savings with an Energy&Utilities Virtual Clerk

Discover the benefits of “hiring” a multitasking, multilingual Virtual Clerk that is available 24/7 on a pay-per-use basis. In addition to freeing staff from repetitive, manual tasks and helping achieve cost savings, a Machine Learning and AI-powered Virtual Assistant that has been trained to specific vertical processes in the Energy & Utilities sector can help your business increase efficiency and save time, while improving staff and end-user experience.

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Discover the benefits of “hiring” a multitasking, multilingual Energy & Utilities Virtual Clerk that is available 24/7 on a pay-per-use basis.

Utilities and Energy companies can turn admin duties into opportunity 

Any business has a number of low-value, often manual, back office tasks such as data entry or email sorting that are currently taking human staff hours to complete.
Their automation can free up staff for higher value tasks, provide end-users with faster response times and therefore a better user experience and even protect the business from manual errors, which can cause non-compliance.  
But how can they be replaced and rendered more efficient?

The Virtual Assistant empowering Energy & Utility Companies 

Meet Fincons’ Utility Virtual Clerk: specifically designed to take the pressure away from back office staff and help you cut time; the VC takes over repetitive, manual tasks so your people can focus on higher value activities.

The VC is a ML and AI-powered solution that can be trained to execute specific micro-administrative tasks and has gathered significant interest in the Energy & Utilities sector where several projects are ongoing.
What’s more, thanks to automation, the risk of manual error is practically nil and the business only pays what they use with full transparency over weekly timesheets, activities and associated costs.

A highly skilled and versatile resource

The Fincons’ Utility Virtual Clerk has already developed some important work experience in key vertical processes that Energy & Utility companies are very familiar with. These include: the analysis of e-mails, documents and tickets with their classification; metadata extraction from text such as e-mails and other types of documents like contract subscriptions and renewals, from images, from videos and from other types of files as well as document profiling with tags. The VC then feeds its analysis and classification downstream to BPM, case management and RPA systems for completion.

A tried and tested support hub

The VC provides a full outsourcing service that can be tailored to a business's specific needs and processes. In particular, in the Energy and Utilities sector, the VC can be customized to support various admin processes such as the ones Fincons is working on:

  • proven payment communications: speed and compliance for a leading multiutility;
  • streamlined new contracts and transfers for a major Italian water supplier;
  • timely ticket management for a leading Italian gas supplier.

Proven Payment Communications: Speed and Compliance for a leading Multiutility

A leading gas and electricity multiutility is implementing the VC to speed up and optimize its proven payment communications.
When a client reaches a certain number of unpaid bills, they typically will have their utilities cut. Once the debt is paid up and they have proven they are no longer owing, the utility company is required by law to reconnect them within a tightly regulated timeframe. The VC is able to identify the payment via a photograph of the invoice thus speeding up the connection process and ensuring compliance.

Streamlined new contracts and transfers for a Major Italian Water supplier

In addition to email classification for an Italian multiservice company, a leading Italian water supplier is leveraging the VC to streamline account opening and transfer processes. When an active meter is assigned to a new individual, the client issues the water company documents via e-mail which the VC analyses automatically. The VC is also ready to automate data entry deriving from these documents across other systems such as CRM, bringing even further efficiency and speed to new sign ups and transfers.

Timely ticket management for a leading Italian Gas supplier

A major Italian Gas supplier is working with the VC to analyse, classify and take charge of ICT ticketing by streamlining processes and freeing up staff for more valuable tasks. Take for example data cleansing, this is a type of ticket that provides no value-add and is perfectly suited to VC processing. Add to this that this type of ticket can account for 20-30% of overall ticket volumes, and it is clear that as a knock-on effect, AMS costs can also be significantly reduced.
Company resources are thus available for new investments, first and foremost in sustainability, while staff are employed in more valuable and motivating tasks.

Simone Villa - Fincons Group Simone Villa

Fincons Group

General Manager Global Energy&Utilities Business Unit