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Fincons and JAGGAER for Energy&Utilities procurement

Fincons and JAGGAER for Energy&Utilities procurement

Fincons and JAGGAER are supporting the Energy and Utilities sector through the seamless implementation of the JAGGAER ONE platform and its integration, supporting upstream as well as downstream processes and operations, improving sourcing and business outcomes.

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JAGGAER in Energy and Utilities

JAGGAER is the leading provider of supply chain and procurement software to power energy and utility organizations.
It provides end-to-end SaaS technology e-Procurement solutions for advanced spend analysis, complex sourcing, supplier management, contract life-cycle management, monitoring of assets and “intelligent” workflow features.

The end-to-end procurement platform helps Energy & Utilities providers diversify their supplier base and drive bottom line results with stronger sourcing events, helping them make quicker, more informed decisions about suppliers. JAGGAER’s solution supports Energy companies in developing supply management strategies that help assess risks and identify alternate suppliers for renewable energy projects in case of geopolitical volatility or change but also to identify new opportunities and source sustainable or innovative technology suppliers.  In addition to finding new suppliers for all their operations and vetting them, the solution helps maximise existing supplier relationships through accurate monitoring and reporting.
The platform also provides added efficiency allowing energy and utility companies to build, issue and evaluate sourcing events collaboratively to drive better contract terms, deeper volume discounts and more bargaining.

Powerful implementation experience with Fincons

Thanks to its JAGGAER Competence Center, Fincons is JAGGAER’s provider of choice for seamless, hassle-free platform implementation, customisation, integration with legacy and external IT systems, as well as maintenance, support and help desk services, in the Energy and Utilities sector.

Specialists with technical skills, extensive industry knowledge and understanding of vertical systems and processes work to streamline the full procurement process using JAGGAER’s flexible spend management platform.

Because Fincons Group supports Utilities companies and multi-utilities across a range of processes such as metering, billing and more, providing solutions to improve transparency, compliance and efficiency, they are ideally positioned to help integrate the end-to-end procurement platform in a way that is fast, reliable and forward thinking.

With Fincons’ support JAGGAER ensures that its platform fits into the Energy & Utility company technological ecosystem effortlessly, enabling businesses to rapidly see results and achieve return on investment.

Consistency across sites and companies

As utilities acquire new companies or merge, the need to integrate new business systems and standardize platforms and processes becomes very closely connected with productivity and efficiency: having a single procurement platform across different companies and different territories ensures there is consistency, improving compliance as well as speed.
Fincons’ implementation and integration skills ensure the adoption of the JAGGAER platform during these types of mergers or acquisitions goes smoothly.

Energy and Utility Use Cases

A leading Italian multiutility group recently called on the combined efficiency of the JAGGAER procurement platform with Fincons’ powerful implementation to help them manage AMS contracts upstream at the tender selection, evaluation and activation stages.
Fincons’ team helped support this set up so analysis of new functionalities relating to compliance is easily carried out and added to the system.  Evolutive processes relating to the integration of its new acquisitions into the system were also handled by Fincons.

Evolutive and AMS

This combination of analysis, evolutive and AMS support was also provided to a major Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas, while upstream analysis and implementation was the backbone of a project carried out for a liquid natural gas offshore terminal in the Adriatic Sea, where Fincons’ support helped lay the ground for upstream analysis and implementation and is now focusing on post-tender contract development.

Fincons also supported JAGGAER set up in the development of analysis, configuration, testing and release of a downstream platform for one of the seven supermajor oil companies in the world.

SAP integration and beyond

One of the systems that Energy and Utilities companies need to integrate with their JAGGAER platform is usually ERP. A typical ERP choice for Energy & Utilities companies is SAP.
Fincons is key SAP system integrator and application maintenance player, thanks to the SAP Competence Center with more than 150 highly skilled professionals working on international projects.

Fincons leverages its multiple experiences in SAP and JAGGAER integration as well as in depth knowledge of both SAP and JAGGAER technology, grounding it all in Energy and Utility processes to help businesses achieve flawless record taking, tracing and to improve other downstream processes.

Fincons’ know how on the JAGGAER platform and its integration with SAP was recently demonstrated in a project for a major southern Italian water company and a northern Italian multi-services utility, where Fincons’ expertise across different technologies was also a key enabler for AMS management and evolutive analysis, implementation and integrations. Here, multiple legacy technological processes, contractors and systems were at play and a transparent, accurate AMS management system, focused on continued improvement, was developed.

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