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Fincons and Kaleyra support DAS in fostering digital cooperation with its Agents

Fincons and Kaleyra support DAS in fostering digital cooperation with its Agents

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DAS, the leading Italian Insurance Company in Legal Protection, has further strengthened its relationship with its Agents thanks to Fincons, a multinational consultancy and system integrator that offers a wide range of solutions to support the technological evolution and digital transformation of companies, and to Kaleyra, a global group that provides mobile communications to financial institutions, e-commerce companies, OTTs, software companies, logistics providers, healthcare organizations and other large companies around the world. In fact, in June, the companies developed a remote support solution dedicated to DAS’ intermediaries.

The project is highly innovative and distinctive in nature and was driven by DAS' desire to offer digital experiences aligned with the highest market standards through intuitive, simple and high-value digital functions.

This is an initiative that has put the users of the intermediary portal DAS4YOU at its center, as they can now access the contacts directory and initiate digital interactions directly with the Insurance Offices via chat and audio / video calls, thus avoiding the use of external communication systems that are not integrated and that typically complicate the user experience. Thanks to Fincons’ integration design and implementation of Kaleyra video, formerly Bandyer, Agents can now request online assistance via video call to the Company offices at any time, with a simple click, directly within the DAS4YOU portal.

The solution introduces a new model of assistance that can significantly improve the quality of the service offered to Agents, making use of advanced features such as collaborative dashboards, screen sharing and real-time file exchange to maximize the effectiveness of support by reducing the time required to satisfy intermediary requests…A new digital solution but with a human touch!

Kaleyra’s integration flexibility, combined with Fincons’ experience in the development of the DAS4YOU portal and system integrator skills, supported DAS’ ICT Department in the realization of the project in record-breaking time and highly cost-efficiently, providing the portal with effective and performing collaboration tools.

This is a case study that was made possible by the teamwork between DAS, Kaleyra and Fincons who, starting from company needs analysis, developed a project proposal that identified Kaleyra as the best technology to meet the customer's needs.

Fincons applied this consolidated approach that has led to its success on both national and international markets. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of business processes and an ecosystem of partnerships with the most important technology suppliers on the market, Fincons is able to support customers in their digital transformation programs with a wide range of solutions including: the creation of self-service digital channels with high standards of usability and performance; the development of applications to support the sales force to increase commercial effectiveness; the introduction of technologies to organize and automate back-office processes and the modernization of IT architectures to align information systems to business needs.

The result is a successful partnership that is destined to continue in the coming months. DAS will also consider expanding its video collaboration solutions with Fincons and Kaleyra even further though the introduction of new digital communication formats such as webinars to provide remote training, and collaborative rooms to manage sharing and co-creation sessions with their intermediaries... The virtuous journey of open innovation continues!

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