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Fincons and Kaleyra bring digital collaboration to the Banking sector

Fincons and Kaleyra bring digital collaboration to the Banking sector

The pandemic accelerated digitalization in all sectors and did not spare the Banking and Financial Services industry that faced the double challenge of remote communications with both internal users and external customers.

Given this changing context, Kaleyra and Fincons’ combined offering of integrated, innovative, secure, and efficient digital collaboration for the banking sector is more appealing than ever.

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Unique Banking and Financial Services sector challenges

Banking and Financial Services companies historically relied on in-person meetings between clients and employees. Digitalization, further accelerated by the pandemic, pushed the Banking and Financial Services sector to adapt and change their traditional customer communication processes by adding new channels that now include digital touchpoints, such as apps, video meetings and live chat.

This shift does not, however, come without challenges; low usage of mobile banking apps, a lack of proper identification methods for both users and advisors, difficulties when it comes to remote onboarding experience, poor and fragmented digital customer care experience, and increasingly common phishing attempts, all pose a significant threat to banks integrating new digital touchpoints.

Fincons and Kaleyra to the rescue

To make sure every interaction is secure and effective, Kaleyra and Fincons have worked together to offer an innovative digital collaboration solution that seamlessly plugs into existing applications. 

This means that users can continue using their applications, while also accessing advanced collaboration tools and benefitting from optimal user experience, without having to continually switch between applications.

Because different Banks and Financial Services companies have different processes and needs, the solution is also highly flexible and can be tailored simply to each different environment and use case.

The intrinsic value-add of video communication

Kaleyra is a rapidly growing cloud communication provider delivering a system of application programming interfaces (APIs) and connectivity solutions in the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market. Through its proprietary platform and robust APIs, Kaleyra manages multi-channel integrated communication services, consisting of messaging, rich messaging and instant messaging, video, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, and chatbots.
Kaleyra Video collaboration solution is a secure, natively integrated channel, available directly from existing digital touchpoints. 
It offers:

  • secure, encrypted and branded video and audio calls;
  • embedded audio and video chat that drives higher app adoption and usage;
  • in-call whiteboard, image capture, file sharing and recording and many more features;
  • easy and effective video identification for both clients and bankers directly from the banking app;
  • a communication channel available directly from digital touchpoints used daily to interact and collaborate
  • seamless integration with legacy software and mobile applications.

Kaleyra’s product flexibility, combined with Fincons’ system integrator skills, ensures a smooth and tailored adoption of this new communication solution, that will deliver better virtual customer care and multichannel financial advisory services with higher engagement levels and fraud prevention.

Fincons Group: the FSI integration expert

Fincons Group is a leading international company, specialized in business consulting and system integration in support of technological and digital transformation. Fincons is active in different industries including Financial Services, Media, Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Manufacturing, Public Administration and International Institutions & Research.

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of business processes and an ecosystem of international partnerships with the most innovative and forward-thinking technology suppliers on the market, Fincons is able to support customers in their digital transformation journeys. Among the other services, Fincons supports also Banking sector organizations in the development of new front-end channels that can be improved by the integration of video collaboration such as highly usable and performing self-service digital applications and platforms that support the sales force in their efforts to increase commercial effectiveness.

Integrated for success

With its decades of experience as system integrator and extensive knowledge of the Banking and Financial Services sector, Fincons delivers a seamless, hassle-free integration with systems so businesses can start extracting return on investment from Kaleyra Video’s communication solution as fast as possible.

Thanks to the integration provided by Fincons Group and Kaleyra, the latter’s digital collaboration solution fits perfectly within preexisting systems and processes, enabling better and clearer communication between customers and their banks.

Banks can significantly improve the quality of the service offered making use of advanced features such as collaborative whiteboards, live pointer, screen sharing and real-time file exchange to maximize the effectiveness of support by reducing the time required to satisfy intermediary requests. At the same time, video verification provides the perfect proxy for in-person verification, enabling remote identification of customers to avoid fraudulent transactions and identity theft. Moreover, the possibility to have a branded communication channel that makes the bank immediately recognizable while the app rings, enhances brand identity and reputation.

As the partners continue to develop new digital communication formats, don’t forget to contact us to find out the benefits of the digital collaboration.

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Fincons Group

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