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How to bridge the digital gap in financial and insurance services. Innovative approaches for a new-normal era

How to bridge the digital gap in financial and insurance services. Innovative approaches for a new-normal era

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In a blink of an eye we entered in a new normal era of rapid digitalization, in which “being digital” is no more a want, but a real need in order to have a successful business that stands out from the competition.

New users behaviours, new requests, high volumes on digital channels: a “digital-first” scenario which exposes banks and insurers to gaps that now they are trying to bridge at ferocious speed.

Naturally, developing responsive and user friendly front-ends (both self-service and hybrid) is a must. Now more than ever, customers, sales teams and intermediaries demand convenient services. They require smooth ways to acquire and manage banking and insurance products and services, at any time of the day and wherever they are, relying on remote support to carry out critical tasks.

But this is not enough to meet new users’ expectations and increase their loyalty. Modern companies must guarantee high performances in terms of the applications’ speed, data availability and frictionless processes to bring real value to customers. This is now possible by optimizing the integration from front-ends to existing back-end systems and by streamlining workflows.

Realizing the integration without complex and lengthy projects is a critical success factor for forward thinking companies to thrive in a competitive market. By combining their skills and expertise, Appway and Fincons can truly support financial and insurance companies achieve this goal.

By using the Appway platform it is possible to build cutting-edge digital touch points for customers and intermediaries that Fincons can effectively integrate with back-end applications without revolutionizing the entire IT environment, with high quality and competitive pricing.

Using Fincons Fast Data Lake, a solution based on the Digital Integration Hub Pattern, modern front-end applications built with Appway can retrieve the required data through APIs that access a single high performance Data Lake, fed from the legacy systems with a near-real-time highly engineered ingestion procedure. The perfect solution to provide updated data to front-end in a few milliseconds, managing peaks and huge volumes of requests. A targeted approach already put in place by several leading companies to reduce time to market and reply rapidly to new customer needs.

To delight customers, it’s also essential to streamline workflows across departments. In fact, when a user request generates activities for middle and back offices, the ability of a company to carry out tasks with high quality, reducing at the same time the operational timing, allows for better customer service. This can be realized by Fincons leveraging its deep knowledge on the Appway Integration Platform which helps banks and insurers not only to standardize repetitive tasks but also to manage unpredictable, unstructured and complex processes through a case-oriented approach.

Designing complete, rich, fast and well-organized user experiences is no longer a trade off!

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