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Kaleyra video and Fincons: a strong partnership that goes beyond customer expectations

Kaleyra video and Fincons: a strong partnership that goes beyond customer expectations

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The urgency of digital collaboration

Social distancing measures and global lockdown have heightened the need for financial services and insurance providers to enable digital interactions to manage relations between all stakeholders rapidly.

Companies have developed various solutions to help people get in touch with their clients and users remotely with this in mind. Thus, the digital communication market has grown exponentially for businesses and clients, using video collaboration to satisfy their remote communication needs.

The partnership between Fincons, a leading global business consultancy and systems integrator, and Bandyer, a leading provider of integrated video collaboration solutions, has combined to help organisations find and implement the best digital solutions for their business.

What are the advantages of this partnership?

Enhance existing applications by integrating a video collaboration solution

Say goodbye to cumbersome app-switching as our unique partnership enables our clients to avoid the set-up and the usages of additional stand-alone video collaboration tools. The solution improves the video communication market by integrating a collaborative technology within any device and corporate platform. In this way, companies can have a completely private and customizable communication channel with their stakeholders, enabling them to engage users from the platforms they already use daily to interact and collaborate.

In more detail, what are the possible applications of the solution?

1. Sales force Digital Collaboration
By integrating Bandyer in front-end applications as customer care apps and CRM, operators can support agents using video-collaboration sessions to provide practical and immediate help, solving technical and operational issues.

2. Customer Digital Collaboration
The integration of Bandyer within a CRM and a customer digital application allows the client care department to start a video collaboration directly from its existing CRM, reaching customers on their devices and helping them complete onboarding, discover new features, and solve problems.

3. Advisory and Sales Collaboration
Leveraging features like screen sharing, co-browsing, and file exchange, advisors can quickly get in touch and engage their customers to propose new products and services and monitor the performances of customers’ assets.

4. Claims Remote Evaluation
Bandyer enables claims handlers to evaluate damages without leaving the office. They can interact with customers, take and share photos, and record videos to collect the information needed to assess the damages and complete insurance reports.

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