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Fincons & Nextome: Practical Use Cases in Manufacturing

Fincons & Nextome: Practical Use Cases in Manufacturing

The partnership between Fincons Group and Nextome, an Italian company that provides advanced RTLS and indoor positioning solutions, was based on open innovation, reducing time to market and providing clients with new tools and opportunities.
The partnership has already been added to Fincons’ service offer and received a warm welcome from Fincons’ clients. 
In this blog, we’ll briefly cover some practical use cases to give you an idea of some of Nextome’s possible applications in the manufacturing sector.


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You’ve read all about our partnership with Nextome in our latest blog, now discover some practical uses of Nextome’s innovative solution!

Nextome – a quick recap

Nextome was founded in 2014 by four computer science PhDs and was initially focused on developing an effective indoor tracking solution. 

Nextome’s simple but effective solution has since evolved and is proving extremely popular in the manufacturing sector where it helps deliver reliable end-to-end tracking from production to supply chain, right to the final customer by combining Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies. 

Let’s take a look at some use cases!

Keeping tabs on all the details

The manufacturing sector need to keep track of multiple variables from each single step in the production process through to events during transportation and delivery. 

Nextome’s solution relies on the combined use of RFID, NFC, BLE  and GPS technologies. This means that the same solution can be implemented both as an indoor tracking system for production plants and offices, allowing companies to closely monitor the production process, and as a tracking tool to keep an eye on the products once they leave the factory, ensuring they reach their final destination in mint condition and safely.

Tracking across countries

Every country has different needs, requirements and regulations, and that’s why some products are manufactured in a specific way as they are destined to a specific market. 

However, some products destined to one geographical area sometimes end up being sold on a different one, causing problems for everyone: there will be less product available where originally planned, while companies might end up having issues if their product don’t comply with local regulations. 

Nextome’s solution allows manufacturers to provide every item with an internal RFID, and to track them from production plant to final destination, helping identify any weak links.

Safety first!

Nextome’s solution, when implemented as an indoor tracking tool, can also be an asset to ensure occupational safety. 

It can be used to set up check points to verify compliance with mandatory personal protective equipment in building sites for example, but it also allows companies to monitor dangerous or sensitive areas, by restricting or allowing access to specific workers at any given time

While Nextome’s solution has many applications in accident prevention and helping to comply with occupational safety regulations, it can also shed light on the conditions during which an accident or malfunction happened, thus avoiding long investigations and costly lawsuits. 

Personal Data and GDPR compliance

As for any solution involving data collection, Nextome needs to comply with national and international data protection regulations.

All data collected and managed in the tracking process is completely anonymized to guarantee privacy and regulatory compliance no matter where or when your products are destined.

One product, multiple uses

Fincons Group now integrates this simple and effective indoor and outdoor positioning solution that can be easily adapted to current and future needs making it the ideal tool for companies that need to track production, transportation, safety measures, and much more, no matter their sector.

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