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Fincons supports Pirelli’s new tyre labelling system

Fincons supports Pirelli’s new tyre labelling system

The introduction of the mandatory energy rating label, in May 2021, and the establishment of the European register EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling) has introduced new legal obligations for all manufacturers, importers or authorized representatives, that are now required to register all products to be distributed on the European market.

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Pirelli started a new project to respond to new European directives aiming to track the lifecycle of tyres worldwide, enabling conscious choice for the consumer

During 2020, Pirelli, the only global consumer tyre company, worked towards efficiently responding to new European directives that aim to streamline fuel usage, thus reducing CO2 emissions, and to reduce traffic noise and noise pollution, improve adherence on wet, snowy or frozen surfaces, thus reducing breaking time and guaranteeing greater safety.

Compliance and a safety-driven approach

Pirelli and Fincons researched and developed an efficient management system to classify and label tyres to comply with the regulation. The new label now includes a QR code allowing consumer to easily track the EPREL information needed for an informed purchase. The QR code also allow to choose the product taking into consideration the performance, including environmental and economic impact, with continuous improvement in mind, to achieve safer, quieter and more efficient road transport.

A little teamwork goes a long way

The project was characterized by strict timings, high complexity and yet-to-be-finalized regulatory requirements.
The application was built from scratch in only six months, involving several different areas: from test management Quality and R&D, to liaising with EPREL to exchange data, Logistics & Sales to print, distribute and apply all new labels.

Pirelli produces and sells worldwide and therefore needs a global supply chain and distribution, that required a fast and organized interaction between countries, staying ahead of partial system releases in order to generate codes for imported goods.

The Fincons difference

Pirelli relied on Fincons for their experience as application developers and system integrators. “In less than 3 months, Fincons managed to develop a beta version of the app, despite the complex application context,” reports Luciano Fabian, Head of R&D, Quality and International Coordination at Pirelli Information Systems. “The app was developed according to the European regulations and supports processes worldwide, all in the most efficient way possible,” continues Luciano.

The importance of Fincons’ Bari Delivery Center

“Fincons was part of a pivotal challenge for our business, and we worked in synergy with the application development,” says Luca Urban, Head of Enterprise Solutions and User Services di Pirelli Information Systems. “For over ten years Fincons’ Delivery Center has been supporting us in system building and application maintenance activities: their quality, attention and commitment have always been Fincons’ distinctive feature, making critical and challenging projects like EPREL possible.”

Lorenzo Macchi, Head of Manufacturing Business Unit at Fincons Group, reports: “Our Bari Delivery Center is an Italian excellence center. The EPREL project is only one of the many examples of daily and long-term collaboration between Fincons and Pirelli, a successful partnership that allowed shared vision and strategies.”

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