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Innovation in manufacturing thanks to industry 4.0

Innovation in manufacturing thanks to industry 4.0

Lorenzo Macchi, General Manager BU Manufacturing - Fincons Group, explains how innovation is a critical success factor for Industry 4.0. Fincons' structured approach allows businesses to effectively respond to market demands and, thanks to important partnerships with universities and research centres, the Group develops innovative solutions working together with companies to implement pilot projects.

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Technology is becoming increasingly crucial for the future and development of the sector. 
Interview with Lorenzo Macchi, Global BU Manufacturing General Manager.

What role does innovation play in manufacturing for Fincons?

Innovation is a mindset, especially at a time of such sudden and often difficult-to-grasp change related to new enabling technologies. This is where Fincons once again plays a decisive role as a partner, supporting its customers in their choices and investments so that they can be maximised in terms of results and quality.
Just to give a few examples: CDP1, Fincons Manufacturing Platform’s positioning from SAP to IoT through a process of disintermediation, partnerships with Milan’s MADE and the Politecnico di Bari aimed at creating apprenticeships focused on industrial innovation, as well as work with Wideverse in AR/VR.

What are the main pillars of Fincons' offering for manufacturing?

Our services are always tailor-made, whatever the size or connotation of the projects. Our expertise focuses on the introduction of new technologies that enable Industry 4.0 (indoor & outdoor tracking, IoT platforms, data analysis for predictive maintenance & quality, remote maintenance and training), the revision of processes and factory organisation, application maintenance services for both market packages (SAP, Salesforce, Jaggaer, ..) and custom solutions.

In particular, what products do you deliver and what is the added value of working with third parties?

Fincons has established strong partnerships with some of the main product developers on the market (SAP, Salesforce, Jaggaer, ..), which we have historically been able to integrate for our main customers.
We believe that our services are high value-added, precisely because we combine product expertise with vertical experience across dozens of successful projects.

What are Fincons' strategic priorities for the future of this industry?

Fincons' strategy is to expand its technology offering to include consulting activities and to respond to the changing needs of the market and our clients. We have invested in consolidating and strengthening the BU, through close synergy between internal activities (delivery methodologies, Project Management, Smart Shoring, ...) and external activities (technological partnerships and commercial collaborations). We reinforce our proactive approach to innovation every day, forging partnerships with universities and research centres, supporting innovative start-ups, investing in continuous training with the Fincons Academy and through technology scouting.

Why choose Fincons today?

With over 35 years of history in the Italian and foreign markets as well as countless success stories, Fincons is the best choice for those seeking not only technological solutions and expertise in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, but above all a partner that is able to adapt its offer and approach by making the customer’s needs top priority.

Lorenzo Macchi - Fincons Group Lorenzo Macchi

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Global BU Manufacturing General Manager, Director of Competence Center SAP