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The business solution for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges

The business solution for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges

Fincons teams up with Traent to offer the manufacturing sector an innovative solution based on blockchain technology to increase efficiency, mitigate risks and enhance internal and external engagement. The Web3 ecosystem offered by Traent supports a wide range of use cases, from supply and retail chains to process and end-to-end product management.

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Industry 5.0 requires technologies to interact with each other, offering added value and granting effective service in addition to actual production. Manufacturing industries want to show and be able to demonstrate the quality of the supply chain, products, procedures, and processes through verifiable and reliable information.
With its modular approach, the Fincons Open Innovation Platform hosts the innovative Traent solution. Through its Web3 ecosystem, Traent marks a step forward in the industry’s objective of  ensuring a smart and modular integration that is adaptable to customer needs

Manufacture meets blockchain technology

The Traent solution is now available within the Fincons Open Innovation Platform, leveraging the opportunity to effectively manage and enhance information. Presenting a series of game-changing features, Traent makes blockchain an enterprise-grade technology.
Among the benefits the solution offers to the market, some of the most notable are:

  • Reduced implementation time (nodes are ready in minutes).
  • No-code visual workflow editor with no need for additional resources involved.
  • Support for real-time collaboration with a high-volume of data.
  • Low latency.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Full transparency with sensitive and confidential data protection.

Manufacture meets blockchain technology










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Traent has built a Web3 ecosystem to provide a complete solution, addressing today’s business needs as well as tomorrow’s challenges. The ecosystem consists of three key elements:

  • An infrastructure of sovereign nodes allows each enterprise to quickly create thousands of autonomous and independent blockchains 
  • Traent Era is an easy-to-use collaboration platform on blockchain that is suitable for real-time interactions. 
  • Traent Viewer, a new web3 tool that allows the publication of personally selected verifiable data, making blockchain content easily accessible to the public, whether auditors or end consumers.

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Traent technology is horizontally scalable, balancing traffic and keeping  low latency when new nodes are added. The storage, implementation, and infrastructure costs are low, and implementation time is reduced from months to minutes. Moreover, thanks to Traent technology, companies can decide what to publish and what to keep private based on the type of audience.

The data exported from blockchain remains immutable and verifiable even if not displayed to anyone. It is an enormous advantage for businesses that are no longer forced to an all-or-nothing transparency degree/level.

Traent’s novel hybrid solution combines the best of private and public blockchains in terms of functionalities, business benefits, and performance. Company data cannot be tampered with, the decision-making process gains more transparency, and data tampering risks are mitigated by default. Traent has no limit on data volume, and even more importantly, the environmental impact remains low even with an operation scalability comparable to cloud? collaboration solutions.

One platform, multiple opportunities

Within the Traent Web3 ecosystem you can find Era, the first collaboration platform on blockchain where companies can interact in a simple yet authentic and transparent way. Era has an intuitive interface and can be easily integrated with IoT sensors and APIs, allowing an automated flow and information update. This meansgthat devices and software (e.g., from temperature sensors to management systems) can trigger automated actions, such as a delivery process registered on blockchain.
The Traent platform allows the creting, management and sharing ofprojects. This solution enhances and simplifiesbusiness thanks to automated workflows (smart contracts) which provide greater process control and allow for more fluid collaboration. The no-code workflow visual editor guarantees effortless creation, refinement, and sharing of smart contracts with no need for further coding so everything can be done in-house, without additional resources.

One platform, multiple opportunities








Completing the solution is the Traent Viewer, a new Web3 tool that allows the publication of selected, immutable, and verifiable data directly from blockchain on the Web. Thanks to the Viewer your communications with stakeholders, auditors, and customers, will finally to reliable, engaging, and data based. 

The power of an open innovation approach

Every company has its own effective procedure for running its business, choosing the most suitable solution to support and improve its processes. An open innovation approach enables the modulation of dedicated solutions, adapting them easily, and integrating them into any company's core business systems, increasing the output value. 
The Traent Web3 ecosystem is part of the Fincons Open Innovation Platform to improve business efficiency and transparency

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