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AI for Media: redefining content management, monetization and consumption

AI for Media: redefining content management, monetization and consumption

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Media sector, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about transformative changes. While the spotlight often shines on AI's role in content generation, AI is also playing a pivotal role in transforming the whole content supply chain. Let’s discover more in this blog article!

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New opportunities from leveraging AI-powered solutions to improve content discovery, operational efficiency, content monetization and viewer experience.

Improving content discovery & management 

AI can play a key role in enhancing content management capabilities. In fact, it can enable Media organizations to automatically process vast amounts of content, and easily and rapidly associate relevant metadata to them. This approach could be applied not only to video content, leveraging powerful Video AI technologies, but also to audio dialogues, that can be processed through speech-to -text tools and then analysed by NLP and LLM technologies.
The metadata generated can include technical content (heading, credits, subtitles etc.), celebrities, objects, topics discussed, emotions detected and more.
For a Media company, adopting these powerful solutions means being able to properly identify, describe, categorize and archive content, as well as effectively empowering content discovery through the definition of relevant content criteria, for efficient content consumption and distribution.

Operational efficiency to the fullest

Automatic content processing through AI technologies is increasingly recognized as a powerful catalyst for enhancing operational efficiency.
For example, the automatic generation and association of metadata to content and the automatic identification of suitable points within videos for inserting advertising breaks significantly reduce manual effort, also cutting the risk of human errors.
AI also provides huge benefits in streamlining and simplifying back-office procedures, speeding up lengthy processes while freeing up valuable time and resources.
A typical use case is the automatic analysis of contracts and documents through natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs), extracting pertinent information from contracts in word or pdf formats and understanding, reviewing, and transforming text-like clauses into a machine-readable format, avoiding manual data entry.
The contribution of AI is also relevant in supporting internal users in using company systems. For example, users can prompt a request via chat or voice inputs to retrieve data, collect information or complete a task with the support of a Gen-AI virtual assistant.

New ways to monetize content

AI technologies are revolutionizing advertising in the Media sector enabling dynamic AD placements and facilitating targeted and contextual campaigns. Thanks to AI, ADs can be inserted within content to avoid cutting important scenes or dialogue, improving viewer experience and their engagement towards advertisements.
Moreover, the huge amount of metadata automatically related to content, topics and mood within video frames make it possible the match between content and suitable advertisements, improving viewer interest toward advertisements and the related ROI of the ADV campaigns.
AI also empowers content recommendation. In fact, by analyzing and cross-referencing customer data, editorial metadata and content performance metrics, AI can generate tailored recommendations based on inventory optimization criteria and content suitability. This can bring key monetization benefits to B2B scenarios, helping content producers and distributors identify the best content to sell to the right customers.

AI-powered viewer experience

AI is also profoundly influencing how audiences discover and consume media content. For example, AI-powered recommendation engines enhance viewer experience by analyzing viewers’ behavioural data and editorial metadata linked to the available content, to propose suggestions based on individual preferences, browsing history, and contextual relevance. By analysing user interactions and feedback, recommendation systems continuously refine their algorithms, offering more accurate and engaging content suggestions across platforms over the time.
Additionally, search capabilities powered by AI enable viewers to easily explore the content catalogue and find relevant content in line with the required criteria, no matter how complex and detailed, i.e.  a description of a scene, specific actors or dialogues and more.
These features help to boost viewer loyalty, reducing churn rate and switching between providers based on content offered, ultimately nurturing the relationship with viewers over the time.

Fincons for Media: a multi-faceted approach to AI implementation 

With consolidated experience as system integrator and a deep understanding of the Media market, Fincons sees that AI technologies are gaining momentum and becoming pivotal for media companies to streamline operations, leveraging the full potential of their content, improving monetization opportunities and also delivering outstanding experiences to viewers.
For these reasons, Fincons is already actively supporting its clients in the analysis and identification of the best available AI market solutions to implement specific use cases and meet their needs.
Furthermore, Fincons has introduced specific functionalities that leverage the potential of AI in AllRights, the innovative and comprehensive cloud-based Rights Management solution developed by Fincons to maximise content ROI.

  •  Automatic Contract Import
    A feature that, leveraging ML technologies such as Prodigy Machine Learning, OpenAI (GPT-n) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), automatically analyses contracts that define rights over content, to automatically and accurately identify and extract key metadata, that can then be imported into rights management platforms to effectively manage content in compliance with contract terms, eliminating the need for manual data entry. 
  • Content Recommender
    An advanced functionality that automatically analyses both internal company data (such as available content, unexploited content, historical data on content sold, clients’ preferences) and online data and trends (editorial metadata, performance metadata, content popularity by territory, content popularity rating, etc.) to identify, within the content catalog, the most suitable content for each buyer, maximizing ROI and closing rate. 
  • Virtual Assistant
    A virtual assistant based on LLM technologies and integrated into AllRights, that can be activated by platform users through both voice and text commands to request support in using the system, search for information, and complete specific operations.

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