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Cloud - Powered supply chain: benefits for the media industry

Cloud - Powered supply chain: benefits for the media industry

Leveraging the cloud is key for media companies, helping them effectively manage the content supply chain, improve time-to-market and optimize operating costs. 
Many processes, such as Metadata Management for example, find their ideal place in the cloud, which provides unprecedent flexibility and scalability and enables more cost-effective pay-as-you-go models, ultimately reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Key word: flexibility – the cloud for the media sector

The media industry is increasingly turning to the cloud to reduce costs and enable remote access to their data and tools. As a result, most companies now work in an hybrid cloud environment where production tools and systems remain on-premise while processes are moved to the cloud where they can easily be accesses by their remote working or internationally dispersed staff. Migrating large amount of data and assets to the cloud, however, requires a well thought out, accurate roadmap in addition to several tests to avoid losing important data.

In its years of collaborating with leading media companies, Fincons Group has gained significant experience in migrating to, managing and optimising different cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft and Google, across a variety of scenarios and different client needs. Leveraging the cloud’s flexibility, Fincons has worked on several different projects covering OTT platforms and content acquisition migrations, securely streamed content provision, and custom as well as proprietary solutions development in addition to Metadata Management which enables the so-called “Intelligent Content” paradigm, driving higher process automation, better content monetization and richer and more engaging product discovery services.

From planning to management: Fincons’ approach to the cloud

As a system integrator, consultant and developer in the media sector, Fincons Group strives to stay ahead of trend, offering the latest technology and state-of-the-art solutions to their clients. Migrating to the cloud has been top of the CIO agenda for a few years now, and the Group has supported several of its Media clients in this journey from planning through to testing, to moving large volumes of assets and finally managing them once the migration is complete. 

For example, Fincons has supported clients in migrating their OTT platforms to the cloud, not only by planning their roadmap to cloud migration, but also by designing appropriate supply chains, integrating on-premise and cloud tools and ensuring different business models, such as AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and FAST are being supported efficiently.

The Group has also worked on innovative projects enabling non-theatrical licensing and distribution, to provide securely streamed content on cloud to both partners (B2B) and clients (B2B2C), and developed a custom OTT telemetry solution to monitor video streaming QoE and QoS, leveraging both real-time and batch processing.

Furthermore, Fincons focused on managing hybrid video processing workflows, a key element to enable a seamless transition to the cloud, supporting tier-1 international broadcasters and leveraging leading software, as well as Machine Learning audio and video analysis to implement customer-specific use cases.

The Fincons difference: how we can support your cloud migration 

With a dedicated team of over eighty experts, ranging from cloud Architects to DevOps, Microservice and Serverless Architects, Developers and Security Experts, and more than 70 key industry certifications, Fincons Group has your cloud migration covered, from planning to managing!

Fincons can design and develop tailored end-to-end solutions based on IaaS, Paas and Saas features, as well as manage all aspects of cloud migration, including transformation and migration of on-premises solutions, on-premises solutions reengineering and management of hybrid solutions. Additionally, every project is developed and tested thoroughly with a BizDevOps approach, and the Group also works on innovative PoC based on new and emerging trends, ranging from AI/ML use-cases to Gamification applications, IoT, AR/VR and Blockchain.

Rights Management and the cloud: AllRights

Based on its experience working in the media sector, Fincons Group also developed the Rights Management proprietary solution for the Media industry, AllRights. AllRights is a unique and centralized solution developed to meet market needs, both in terms of functional coverage and modern technological stack. Cloud native, scalable, secure and offered in SaaS with multitenancy, AllRights boasts features such as API and workflow management, flexible data model, content lifecycle configuration and client configurable UI.

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