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Virtual Assistant to power operational efficiency of B2B Software

Virtual Assistant to power operational efficiency of B2B Software

The global Virtual Assistant market is expected to grow by $27 billion between 2022-2027, accelerating at a CAGR of 37.29% according to ReportLinker
VAs are mostly employed in customer care, enhancing UX thanks to immediate direction of queries and fast responses, but they can also be a powerful tool for business users, providing task automation to reduce human effort, improving operational efficiency and saving precious time.

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Much more than just customer service: the empowerment of B2B software

One of the main uses of VAs is to enhance customer service, but when this is also integrated with B2B software, a VA can enable automations and run searches upon request, providing an easier and more efficient experience for business users.

An integrated VA can, among other things, run targeted searches when given inputs i.e. “Could you show me the last contract/document I was working on?” or “Are there impending deadlines?” and even give the user different action options afterwards, such as “Do you want to reopen the document to complete it?”.

Business users can also use VAs to easily and quickly explore User Guides, accessing the right articles and instructions with a simple question. Of course, customer care and service desk departments can also benefit from VA integration that can filter request and error reports in seconds, directing the user to the more appropriate department and guaranteeing a better experience for both end users and IT.

Fincons and QuestIT: creating new exciting experiences for business users

Fincons Group offers VA implementation services in collaboration with QuestIT, an innovative Italian company specialized in the development of proprietary Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Fincons’ expertise with system integration and management software, combined with QuestIT’s Virtual Assistants based on a proprietary NLP system guarantee business user access to NextGen VAs operating 24/7.

VAs provide support that stretches well beyond Chatbots and can understand natural language through deep semantic analysis that makes them truly capable of fulfilling user requests at multiple levels.

This solution, that relies on generative AI integrated with conversational AI, ultimately boosts software capabilities, combining internal and external sources of knowledge, offering complete and structured feedback to users and can prove essential for companies that want to keep up with the future.

A concrete use case: the integration of QuestIT’s VAs within Fincons’ AllRights

Fincons Group recently integrated QuestIT’s VA within its proprietary rights management solution, AllRights, taking the software UX to the next level by enabling faster data access, easier catalogue enrichment and ultimately save precious time for media professionals. 

Fincons’ AllRights suite is a comprehensive rights management solution, launched in 2022 to respond to the market’s demand for a unique and centralized enterprise-view of content rights. AllRights is a modular solution based on a comprehensive set of core capabilities, highly configurable, cloud-native and offered in SaaS. 

How QuestIT supports Fincons’ AllRights 

Special focus was placed on providing a contemporary user interface that offers a smooth, intuitive user experience inspired by modern B2C applications. 

Thanks to the integration of QuestIT’s multimodal VA, AllRights user can now benefit from enhanced UX and additional features enabled by the VA, that can execute searches within AllRights’ Smart Content Import, catalogue list, company list and contract list in a matter of seconds, providing fast access to all relevant information. In addition, QuestIT’s VA grants access to external sources, that allows users to enrich their content catalogue with additional and up-to-date data without the having to manually input information, enables repetitive action automation and improved in-app support, delivering a better experience and easier right management to all its users. 

The integrated VA also enhances AllRights’ Help and User Guide, providing support action with user interaction: a user can ask, for example “How can I create a new contract” and, in addition to providing the written instruction to create a new contract, the VA will give them the option to be immediately redirected to the “create a new contract” page. Support and maintenance are also made easier by QuestIT’s VA, that can manage the first, basic iteration and gather information when there are issues, redirecting all queries to the appropriate team, that can therefore intervene quickly and precisely.

And that’s only a taste of the opportunities coming from the integration of a NextGen VA within business application!

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