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Training for a specialist job market: the Fincons Academy and Fintech futures

Training for a specialist job market: the Fincons Academy and Fintech futures

Fincons Academy and Flowe drive opportunities in fintech for recent graduates

15 February 2022
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It is a complex time for young graduates: technology is developing at incredible speed and society has been turned upside down by the recent pandemic. Fincons Group has always placed great importance on training for existing employees but also in developing the skills of recent graduates, and that is why over ten years ago the company launched the Fincons Academy, a business school that aims to promote close collaboration between education, research, the job market and local areas.

The Fincons Academy is open to all recent STEM graduates and offers free training courses, with the key objective of preparing them for the world of work and of giving them an opportunity to join the company.

Training is especially important when it comes to sectors such as IT, Fintech, and Financial Services, that are constantly changing and evolving. Characterized by innovation and digitalization, these sectors are also subject to strict international regulations on transparency, auditing, and data handling processes to mention just a few. In Financial services more than many other sectors, therefore, it is critical that training is verticalized and up to date.

It is crucial for recent graduates to not only be familiar with the latest FinTech technologies and trends, but also to embrace a change mindset, in order to be ever ready to envision new solutions and to face future challenges.

Last year Fincons Academy launched its digital edition, Talent Incubator for Financial Services, in partnership with Fincons’ client Flowe, to train today the IT specialists of tomorrow’s finance world. Flowe is a Mediolanum Group benefit society revolutionizing financial services with products dedicated to digital-natives and a particular focus on environmental, social, and personal sustainability. The two companies share the objective of investing in young people, in their education and training, to facilitate their shift from students to workers and bring them closer to an increasingly innovative digital world by embracing the vision of a more responsible and sustainable business. The Talent Incubator for Financial Services further consolidates the ongoing partnership between Fincons and Flowe, which started in 2019 to support the launch and evolution of Flowe’s innovative online payment platform and has been strengthened by every positive result achieved over the years.

Young graduates are in need of guidance to help them navigate this complex time and a family business is the ideal starting point because of its core human values.

Especially in the financial services sector, innovation needs to remain anchored to human values and sowing the seeds for a better future needs to start with younger generations.

The Fincons Academy has curated a video series dedicated to this project, that can be found here.

The video series features Michele Moretti, CEO of Fincons Group, and Oscar di Montigny, president of Flowe, and their message to the Academy students, welcoming them to their new journey on the job market, and also includes a contribution by Sonia Marognoli, project manager at Fincons Group, as well as video pills by some of Fincons Group Academy’s students that took part in this innovative project and that will share their background and experience.


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