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Sustainable drivers in the digital era

Sustainable drivers in the digital era

Pushing digital boundaries while keeping people at the heart

26 November 2021
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Technology is going through a golden era: innovation and its impact on our everyday lives are making strides and literally changing the world we live in. It is now possible to access information and knowledge that was unthinkable just a few years ago. Algorithms, IoT, sensors and Big Data have made it possible to unlock all sorts of new insights. I believe that the sense of excitement and awe we are experiencing are similar to what new scientists and philosophers must have felt during the age of Enlightenment.

An ongoing process

In fact, when the German philosopher Immanuel Kant described Enlightenment as “the liberation of man from his self-caused state of minority…”, he was clearly indicating that enlightenment is not just the philosophy of a limited, specific historical period but that it is an ongoing process of constant refinement, in keeping with the following motto:

“Sapere aude: Have the courage to use your own understanding”

Today, the message is the same: we should take these words to heart and understand that digital enlightenment means having the courage to imagine an increasingly technological world that is governed by human intelligence and values, where innovation never fails to put people and their well-being first, making improvement its key objective.

Down to everyone

But innovation is not something that only large businesses and visionaries can contribute to with their means and mission: it’s a pressing requirement for all of us to consciously promote improvements in the world around us. In fact, some of the biggest obstacles to innovation are people’s stagnant attitudes. Doggedly upholding the status quo at any cost, a “not invented here” or a “we’ve always done it this way” mentality are true innovation killers.

If there is no change mindset or culture, then it becomes our duty to try and contrast it. This applies to single individuals but also to whole groups of people and businesses where a dominant mindset influences the overall attitude to change. It’s therefore important that businesses really work on their company culture so that it becomes accepting of change at all levels from operations to technology, right through to communications.

Man and machine

As we contend with more and more intelligent systems and machines such as cars that drive themselves and AI-based medical diagnoses,

we need to remember that the objective of this innovation is improving people’s lives

Interconnected objects that communicate with each other, virtual assistants, algorithms and artificial intelligence are there to support our decision making. New technology can in fact significantly impact innovation in different areas of our personal and professional lives, bringing efficiency and effectiveness to collaboration tools, digital transformation projects, management, business models and processes.

Tech tools powered by Big Data, analytics, IoT, Augmented Reality and simulation can help business choose where to intervene first, whether on intelligence and knowledge sharing, on predicting future scenarios and developing company vision, or on improving interaction and collaboration. What will really make the difference in the end, however, is whether technology is employed ethically for a greater good.

The ethical difference

Technology should not be something we look at with fear or concern over the changes it inevitably brings about, rather we should learn to leverage the interaction between man and machine, human and digital, refining collaboration between the two. To do this, businesses need to work on updating their digital culture. We need to remember that human intelligence and well-being remain the key drivers to bring about change and that

an inquisitive mentality and openness to change are the only real differentiators

when it comes to bringing about lasting and meaningful innovation that benefits everyone.


Mara Barni - Fincons Group Mara Barni

Fincons Group

Group Communication and Sustainability Director