A new purchasing system: a journey towards digitalization

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The challenge

A leading automotive parts manufacturer was looking for a solution to:

  • digitalize and support the Source-to-Order process;
  • streamline the onboarding process to select the best suppliers in terms of reliability and solidity;
  • Improve communication and cooperation with suppliers;
  • Rate supplier performance to ensure that quality requirements are met, and risks minimized;
  • Optimize the whole procurement process through integration with SAP

The solution

Fincons delivers training to suppliers and client employees, so that they get acquainted with the platform’s main functionalites, while the solution was implemented entirely by Jaggaer and included the implementation of:
an SRM module to support the suppliers’ registration process by introducing different onboarding steps to be checked and approved by users. The SRM module also offers a 360° overview of supplier data;
a ratings module, which allows the evaluation of suppliers on the basis of soft and hard fact;
an action points module to provide the customer’s employees with a full insight of corrective measures assigned to suppliers and/or internal users and their fulfilment rate.

In addition to this, the solution provided the configuration of the Sourcing module - to easily track sourcing events, and the Analytics module - with reports aggregated information from standard KPIs or from SAP.

The ticket module manages complex tasks following well-defined workflows (small profile and big profile approval, supplier audit, risk assessment, supplier creation in SAP and verification of changes) and a Jaggaer Integration Contract+ solution for contract life-cycle management has been integrated in the system.

The benefits

The customer started digital transformation of supplier onboarding process and procurement flows, which benefited from an intuitive user interface, quick access to data and increased transparency, in addition to full integration with external systems, such as SAP. The accurate evaluation of the supplier performance quality reduces risks and maximises savings, improving internal efficiency and control and simplifying the decision-making process.