ADD+: Pioneering Innovative Cross-Channel Advertising and Attribution Analysis

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The challenge

Publitalia ’80 launched its new advertising product suite ADD+ starting from 2017, leveraging HbbTV Addressable TV Advertising features.

ADD+ paved the way of today’s Publitalia ’80 offering: new formats and measurement models, combined into a unique innovative proposition to the market, significantly increasing Mediaset Group competitiveness.

Content interaction and participation, together with a successful consent collection, enables a mature exploitation of Addressable TV Advertising: display formats and linear DAS, with several targeting options, as well as cross screen campaigns.

The solution

Fincons implemented for Publitalia ’80 the “Enabler” component, the software core of ADD+, designed to enable new advertising paradigms. This component is the basis of in-production services like Mediaset Play, Mediaset free OTT platform, then rebranded Mediaset Infinity, which combines free and premium OTT services.

Several content related convergence functionalities have been explored and adopted along the years, such as EPG, VOD catalogue, Catchup, mini-site navigation, Restart and Real-Time Highlights during live events. These content interaction and participation capabilities created the ground for numerous advertising targeting options: geotargeting and device profiling, socio-demo targeting, audience and interest targeting.

Publitalia ‘80 implemented an Addressable TV Advertising offer with interactive display formats delivered inside linear programming, pre and mid roll around on demand contents and effective linear AD substitution (DAS) on CTV, initially based on HbbTV 2.0.1 and then pioneering the new HbbTV TA specification.

The benefits

After implementing the addressable advertising solutions developed in collaboration with Fincons, Publitalia ‘80 is now able to offer clients an advanced cross-screen approach: clients can plan digital campaigns retargeting viewers - exposed or not exposed to addressable adv Tv campaign - on other devices to extend the audience and to balance reach & frequency.

Moreover, Publitalia ’80 – in collaboration with Beintoo – has brought measurement a step forward. The Sales house has developed an attribution model that analyzes the impact of addressable adv in terms of visits in store (car dealers, shops, quick service restaurants…) or website visits providing clients with powerful insights on customers behaviors.