ADD+ PLUS: a new era for ADV

New mobile spectators demand speed, personalisation and flexibility

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A new era has started for Smart TVs and for Mediaset viewers with an innovative format that responds to the demands of today’s consumers for mobility and speed. With our help, the ADD+Plus advertising solution enables the viewer watching an advert to see an overlaid interactive button – “ADD+OVER”- that leads to a branded television mini-site providing additional information such as tailored promotions and video content.

The ADD+INSIDE format adds a creative frame within the editorial content on all Mediaset channels throughout the day providing access to the branded mini-site. The latter offers specific content and a more multifaceted viewing experience

ADD+PLUS can be integrated with highly precise profiling criteria thanks to geographical data and other types of data available today, so as to respond to marketing objectives as well as viewer preference.

ADD+OVER and ADD+INSIDE have already been successfully deployed by brands in different sectors including automotive, FMCG, entertainment, catering, hospitality& tourism, online and e-commerce services. In just six months, these campaigns have generated over 37 million views and high user engagement metrics.

Volkswagen was the first ADD+PLUS client to successfully trial the communication of two different car models – Golf and Golf TGI- targeting the same campaign to different segments in addressable format with different messages for each target within the same TV campaign, thus leveraging greater segmentation of content.

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