ADVisor: leveraging the full potential of video AI

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Discover how Mediaset enhanced operational efficiency and monetization through AI

The challenge

In 2023, the leading European broadcaster Mediaset embarked on a project to apply Video AI to concrete video management use cases to stay at the forefront of theADVisor: leveraging the full potential of video AI innovation and experience the benefit of these technologies first-hand.

Mediaset was looking for solutions to improve operational efficiency through automation for the identification of optimal advertising insertion points, that previously required a huge manual effort with the traditional approach.

Moreover, Mediaset was interested in evaluating other benefits derived from Video AI, such as content discovery improvement, new monetization opportunities and UX enhancement.

The solution

Fincons provided a benchmark analysis of the major AI engines available to address Mediaset’s request and the solutions required to integrate these technologies within its environment.

Based on these results, Mediaset decided to rely on Fincons as system integrator and AWS as technology provider to develop the innovative application ADVisor, which address three business relevant use cases on:

  • automatic identification of suitable points within videos for inserting advertising breaks;
  • automatic understanding of content, topics and mood within video frames to match advertisements with suitable content, enabling contextual advertising;
  • automatic generation of metadata associated to videos to properly identify, describe and categorize content.

The solution consist in a back-end system which interacts with the AI engines in charge of video processing based on the guidance for Media2Cloud on AWS workflow.

This was integrated by Fincons within the Mediaset environment with a dedicated user web portal developed ad hoc by Fincons that allow users to view all outputs resulting from the back-end processing.

The benefits

The pilot project was successfully released in 2024 and is already providing several benefits to Mediaset. In fact, ADVisor has enabled greater operational efficiency by automating several tasks such as the cue points identification and the association of metadata to each video content.

Moreover, ADVisor facilitates content discovery, as the metadata collected allows detailed content categorization, and offers new content monetization opportunities through contextual advertising by matching video content with relevant ADV.

Last but not least, the solution improves the audience experience as they can view content without interruptions in the narrative and they are exposed to ADV in line with their behaviour and preferences.

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