Ampper for the management of SKY partners performance

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The challenge

Sky, a leading media & telecommunications company, was looking for a solution to manage operational and commercial partner incentivization plans.
The solution had to:

  • guarantee flexibility and speed when introducing new plans and setting up new products/services paired with these plans;
  • ensure scalability in covering new functional areas;
  • introduce technological innovation to ensure the 360° tracking of all events related to plans and to enable integration with other company systems;
  • reduce Opex.

The solution

After a thorough comparative analysis of different national and international products, Sky chose Fincons’ proprietary solution AMPPER Incentive Compensation.

Fincons’ team, consisting in product experts and vertical sector specialists, understood Sky’s requirements and configured the solution based on the client’s media and telecommunication service needs. The team also seamlessly managed the migration of data and calculation rules from the existing system to the new solution.

With this project, Sky can now manage more than 3 million monthly events connected to performance evaluation, and govern the incentive calculation process for their over 40.000 operational and commercial partners in a transparent, flexible and intuitive way

The benefits

Thanks to AMPPER, Sky now has an innovative and intuitive platform to manage the entire incentive plan process from definition through to evaluation and monitoring, in accordance with business strategies.

The new system also allowed Sky to:

  • rationalize and keep track of every single step within calculation rules;
  • facilitate the creation of new remuneration logic for business users, reducing both need for IT services and Time-to-Market;
  • eliminate integration problems with other systems;
  • considerably reduce operational costs;
  • improve partner relations.