An innovative, sustainable and user-friendly solution for meter to cash

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The challenge

Italgas is the leading gas distribution operator in Italy, ranking third in Europe. As part of the Digital Transformation process the company started in 2017, Bludigit- Italgas Group’s IT company that offers innovative services via its Digital Factory and digital technologies - chose to adopt a single new solution for the process management of Billing for its 8 million customers.

The project’s objectives were to:

  • evolve flexibly over time, both in terms of volumes and of type of managed services;
  • significantly reduce Capex and Opex;
  • improve business user UX;
  • easily integrate with other company systems;
  • ensure rapid roll out of the solution minimizing impact on operations.

The solution

In a bid to combine sustainability and innovation, Bludigit chose to implement a non-standard market solution and embraced Fincons’ proposal to create one innovative youtiverse platform that was radically different from existing solutions already present on the market, revolutionizing the approach and impact on supporting back office processes.
In just over 12 months, Fincons and Bludigit developed a billing system for gas distribution that enabled the automatic and fully compliant balancing of invoices up to 2003 by migrating 18 years of bills.

Thanks to modern, open and easy to integrate Cloud architecture with microservices, the platform allows flexibility, scalability and extreme simplicity in the configuration of billing logic.

This is a solution designed explicitly for business users who need to manage and run calculation logic and rules independently. The use of AI / ML technology also allows users to automatically run multiple repetitive, low added value tasks, contributing to a significant reduction in operating times and costs.

The benefits

Thanks to the introduction of the new platform, today Italgas manages over 8 million PDRs for billed customers even more efficiently and intuitively. It is now possible to review the entire history of calculation algorithms for invoices starting from 2003 across other systems.

This sustainable initiative developed by Fincons allowed Italgas to reduce TCO by more than half compared with the standard market solution.

This initiative developed with Fincons has allowed us to drive our digital transformation process further, leveraging an innovative and efficient solution. We’ve found that Fincons delivers a winning partnership model that we might replicate in the future

                                                               Marco Barra Caracciolo
                                                               Chairman & CEO Bludigit