Automating e-mail customer communications management

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The Utility Virtual Clerk to streamline the management of inbound customer support and proof of payment communications.

The challenge

Dolomiti Energia, a leading Italian multiutility company in the field of power and natural gas based in Trento, was looking to streamline the management of two specific email categories: inbound customer support and proof of payment communications for service reactivation and provision.

This large volume of inbound emails used to be monitored, analysed, classified and entered into the CRM system manually, increasing the risk of human error and delays.
Both mailboxes needed to be automatically received, analysed, and categorised, as quickly and accurately as possible, to ensure a timely and effective response.

The solution

Dolomiti Energia decided to entrust Fincons Group with the task of automating the process of analysing, categorizing and entering into their CRM both customerAutomating e-mail customer communications management support and proof of payment emails.

Fincons introduced its innovative solution, the Utility Virtual Clerk (UVC), that leverages Artificial Intelligence technologies to automatically recognise and classify communications, initially, in 2022 to manage Dolomiti’s customer support emails, and, more recently, to manage and categorize the proof of payment inbox communications.

Dolomiti’s customer support emails are now automatically categorized and inserted into their CRM in daily batches. Then the UVC checks if all the information needed to provide feedback is available in the CRM, allowing a prompt and accurate response.

The proof of payment inbox has different requirements as it is extremely time sensitive and, according to national regulations, emails need to be processed in a matter of hours to safeguard supply. In this case Fincons’ solutions analyse all email attachments received, determining if the proof of payment is valid, verifies data and confirms the payment; this enables the supply of service and shortens reactivation time, without manual interventions.

The benefits

Since it was implemented, the UVC has categorized and handled approximately 18000 customer support emails and 43000 proof of payment communications.

The pay-per-use solution, based on tasks successfully processed, not only enabled a faster and more accurate ticket-opening system, helping Dolomiti Energia improving their customer service by streamlining time consuming and repetitive tasks, but also automated the management of proof-of-payment assessments, ultimately freeing up staff from low-value tasks, improving business processes and efficiency, within the strict time constraints of the national regulations.