Broadcast-Driven Connected TV

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A leading French Broadcaster was looking for an innovative solution to enable their vision for a Broadcast-Driven Connected TV, combining B2C and B2B needs. The goal was the enablement of:

  • Innovative Advertising Paradigms, such as Cross-channel Targeted TV Advertising and Attribution and Dynamic Advertising Substitution;
  • Consent Management and Live Audience Measurement, real-time and fully compliant with GDPR;
  • New Content-related Convergence models.


Business innovation is enabled at different levels:

  • Dynamic Advertising Substitution is implemented on HbbTV 2.0.1 and (with limitations depending on the platform) on 1.5, and is ready for the new HbbTV-TA spec;
  • Linear Ads Tracking allows to track every broadcast Linear Ad as on digital, with real time measurement per TV and per quartile of video played;
  • Cross-channel retargeting and attribution, including TV and other households devices, provides decisive value to advertisers;
  • During strategic moments of the live streaming the app invites to watch the next episode on SVOD, the previous ones on catchup, similar content on a dedicated broadband channel, more info about the linear adv and enables Remember Me TV-commerce functionalities.

Ground-breaking technological innovation pairs broadcaster quality with digital speed and interactivity:

  • integration of French Ad Tech Protocol, developed by the main French broadcasters and distributors
  • development of the Break Events Notifier module, one of the first broadcast-integrated components able to translate the SCTE-35 messages into HbbTV Stream Events
  • cutting-edge cloud-first architecture.


New data-driven monetization and content personalisation models are now a reality, leveraging a broadcast and digital combined approach to the audience.

The GDPR-compliant and user-friendly Data Collection process is very transparent and clear for the user, and it allows for a tailored cross-device experience.

The Broadcaster obtained a deeper, faster and more accurate real-time audience measurement. 

This solution paved the way for an innovative open-source approach, which may accelerate the Broadcast-Driven Connected TV take-off all over Europe.


1 month -> first release available
10 seconds -> live audience measurement interval
100% -> GDPR compliant

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