Digital collaboration between an Insurance Company and its Agents

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The Challenge

DAS was looking for a remote support solution to facilitate the interaction between their own Commercial Agents and Insurance Offices within the new intermediary portal DAS4YOU developed by Fincons.

The solution had to guarantee speed and ease of integration with the DAS4YOU portal, ease of use to facilitate its adoption by users and a qualitative improvement in the assistance provided to Agents.

The solution

Starting from the Client's needs and from its in-depth knowledge of the Company's intermediary portal, Fincons proposed, designed and implemented the integration of Kaleyra video digital collaboration technology, formerly known as Bandyer, with the DAS4YOU portal.

Thanks to this new solution, Company agents can open the contact directory of the intermediary portal and initiate a video call with the Company's Offices, which provide online assistance using advanced features such as collaborative dashboards, screen sharing and file exchange.

The result is a digital solution that retains a distinctive human touch and is able to maximize the effectiveness of the support, offering an optimized user experience for both the Agents and the Insurance Offices.

The benefits

The project was completed in record time and at a low cost. Agents and Insurance Offices now have access to a collaborative digital tool that is simple to use but extremely effective in helping them provide quick support without using external applications that are not integrated with the intermediary portal.

Fincons conducted this successful initiative that has allowed to further strengthen the relationship between DAS and its Agents following a consolidated and distinctive approach that, starting from customer requirements, identified in Kaleyra the best technology to meet the needs of the Company and then designed integration with the portal intermediaries, managing the project on time, on budget and at the expected quality levels.