Driving sustainability with SAP S/4HANA

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S/4HANA's advanced capabilities to increase operational efficiency and speed up processes and data analysis

The challenge

CVA, an Italian leader in the production of sustainable energy with several solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation facilities, was looking to update its legacy SAP solutions.

Specifically, CVA needed to:

  • Migrate SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA;
  • Update SAP CRM;
  • Update SAP NetWeaver;
  • Update OpenText;
  • Migrate SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA.

The objective was to increase operational efficiency, speed up processes and data analysis leveraging S/4HANA’s advanced capabilities: realtime analytics, automation and agility in meeting evolving market demands. CVA also requested the add-on component SAP Fiori, allowing users to access S/4HANA from their mobile devices.

The solution

Fincons, due to its extensive experience with SAP and specifically with S/4HANA migrations was entrusted by CVA with this complex project, that implied a shift to new technologies, strongly impacting functional processes.

In 12 months, with an extensive team comprising 20 of Fincons’ experts and 10 of CVA resources, the migration was completed.

After the customary initial assessment to enable a smooth migration of legacy systems, the S/4HANA migration was completed adhering to a brownfield, conservative approach, migrating all existing data to the new platform. In doing so, Fincons ensured that the existing custom code integrates seamlessly with the requirements of the new technology landscape, promoting optimal performance and compatibility.
Additionally, Fincons updated all SAP components that did not have a S/4HANA counterpart, ensuring operational efficiency and a truly future proof SAP suite.

The activation of SAP Fiori enabled the client to navigate through tasks, reports, and applications web, enhancing user productivity and engagement within the SAP ecosystem throughout the organisation.

The benefits

Thanks to its new or updated SAP ecosystem, CVA achieved the following goals:

  • 50% faster processes;
  • Faster data collection and analysis;
  • Dynamic and detailed reports enabled by a larger amount of data;
  • Easier evaluations;
  • Efficient client management;
  • Automated processes;
  • Easier integration with non-SAP solutions;
  • Remote access via web application thanks to SAP Fiori;
  • Improved performance.

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