Embracing the Agile approach

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The support provided to the Italian branch of CNP Assurances for the effective adoption of agile methodology

The Challenge

In 2023, the Italian branch of leading French insurance company CNP Assurances, wanted to start a project to develop an application dedicated to access management and monitoring, using an Agile approach with the Scrum framework.

Following this methodology, the Company aimed to:

  • create a product that met stakeholders’ expectations;
  • improve interaction and communication among all resources involved in the project;
  • manage plans in a flexible and dynamic manner;
  • strengthen skills and promote continuous improvement practices.

Therefore, the insurance company requested Fincons’ support to embrace Agile principles and implement them within its project.

The solution

To better support CNP Assurances Italia in its agile adoption journey, Fincons planned 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 involved training and education of the insurance company’s executive team, to equip them with resources on Agile methodology and create consent from inside the company.
  • Phase 2 focused on the Agile methodology adoption. A dedicated team, that integrated both CNP’s resources and Fincons’ Agile methodology experts was assembled. This team included a Scrum Master, that facilitated Scrum ceremonies, eliminated process inefficiencies, and facilitated team dialogue, and an Agile Business Coach, that supervised the team’s work and supported team members with one-on-one sessions to help them internalize Agile principles. Moreover, Fincons supported CNP Assurance in setting up Azure DevOps and Miro, the tools used to manage the project.

In just 4 months and 12 sprints, the team successfully acquired the autonomy necessary to carry on the project following the new methodology.

The benefits

The end-of-project survey conducted by Fincons and involving project participants, revealed that:

  • 80% noticed improvements in team-work;
  • 60% want to invest in agile training;
  • 40% feel confident enough to apply Scrum to other projects.

The outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of the agile approach in stimulating the productivity, collaboration, flexibility and innovation needed to foster high quality and timely delivery.

With this project we had the chance to apply our knowledge of agile methodology and have a major impact on our team. Communication effectiveness between team members increased, as well as their autonomy and productivity.
We’ve also noted greater team flexibility to adapt according to business needs and priorities.

Giorgio Maccagni
Operation, IT/PMO, Purchasing and General Services Manager -
CNP Assurances Italia