Fincons and Swiss Re, united to simplify the reinsurance market and increase transparency

How can Client Managers be enabled to concentrate more on decision-making and less on admin?

A new BPM (Business Process Management) solution

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Together with Swiss Re we are simplifying the reinsurance market and increasing its transparency.

Swiss Re, Swiss leader in reinsurance and insurance, has offices in over 35 countries in the world and an extensive network of clients including insurers, businesses and public institutes. The company needed to make core business processes more efficient, agile and adaptable to different needs both within the company and the market: this was the complex starting point for digital evolution undertaken with our consultancy and technical support.

Boutique Style

The first step in this journey to innovation started in 2013 when Swiss Re decided to start the implementation of a new Business Process Management (BPM) process. «We were looking for a partner with a “boutique style” approach: a specialised and flexible company that would adapt to our way of working and business requirements », explains Marco Peyer, Head of Business Process management at Swiss Re.

Real understanding of the Cloud and of insurance processes

It was critical for the Swiss insurance group to ensure they partnered with a company that had real knowledge of the Cloud and of mobile, but also of the insurance sector and its pressures in order to apply and contextualise new processes and solutions. «Knowing how our market works means understanding our requirements more easily: we needed software engineers that would rapidly understand our needs and would develop solutions with an effective user experience », Peyer continues.

An integrated platform

A back end and front end integrated platform to enable managers to concentrate on the decision-making process.

Fincons proved to be the ideal partner to achieve this: «What convinced us was their flexibility and proactivity right from the on-boarding phase: Fincons Group became entirely immersed in our development process », highlights the Swiss Re manager.

Thanks to Fincons- and the partnership with Appway- it was possible to respond to three needs with a single software solution: the need for a new model for internal business processes, the need to develop an “engine” to automate workflows and at the same time to enrich front end system development for clients. Today Swiss Re’s BPM platform is able to predict user requirements providing suggestion on next best actions or logical routes enabling the Client Manager and those underwriting contracts to concentrate on decision making, rather than on admin tasks that have now, for the most part, been automated and simplified.

In addition to this, the new platform enables natively more collaborative instruments (instant messaging, discussion feeds and real-time notifications). Fincons is also working on offer delivery to provide Swiss Re with an effective tool to manage negotiation processes and contract standards in insurance and re-insurance.

Maximum transparency on the commercial portfolio

The solution guarantees high transparency over who is doing what, and over our commercial portfolio

Marco Peyer, Head of Business Process management at Swiss Re

The solution guarantees high transparency over who is doing what, and over our commercial portfolio


  • Increased transparency
  • Back-end and front-end integration
  • Process automation


  • Pragmatic
  • Flexible
  • Strategic
  • Client focused